Ooops, I’ve been tagged! Lists don’t come easy… :)


Hello! Inasmuch as I dread making lists, such seems to be inevitable these days. A fellow blogger noticed that I’ve been going through her old posts and paid back handsomely by tagging me. Who, me? You bet, this is my first time to be tagged… Well, thank you, Renx. Am hoping this isn’t as hard as Quantum Physics, hehe. ^^

The rule –  One’s going to answer a set of questions, tag some of his favorite sites or bloggers, and, write down another list of questions, which the other bloggers will answer in turn. Actually, there’s no specific provision that the questions must be long and difficult.  They ought to be fun, though and uh, a little embarassing, haha.  Well, am a little scared, to be truthful about it. I hope I do some justice here with my list…


nadiamasood – If blogs were books, I’d say this is my happy find. Plenty of excellent photos here, cheerful narration of travels and wonderful discussions about foods. There are funny, funny remarks about things out of their proper places, misplaced wits and plans gone awry. She heaps caustic lines sometimes, mostly on herself and that part of her that does not cooperate easily. Some are meant for the husband, casually tossed away, as amiably taken.  Nadia always has a good handle on her stories.

taympers – I came across while looking for a pic for one of my posts and have become a regular visitor since. The writer’s ability to bring the places and the times before the readers’ eyes makes this site singular. Taympers’ compositions can hardly be faulted for content, approach and style.  They are sharp, focused yet gentle and moving without being sentimental. His posts about life in the countryside are worth rereading. Btw, taympers means, “give me a pause.”  Currently, this frolicsome Tagalog site has a technical problem. Hope it gets the pause it’s asking for but expecting it could be restored soon.

jowyow – This Filipina blogger in the UAE crunches numbers and looks at reports with plenty of charts in them. She does not rant about her office mates, being away from her family and the ennui and craziness that often visit an overseas worker, no. In her posts, she wrestles with the anger, the blues and the issues.  She bashes them all with her passionate, light and amusing prose. Gayspeak and street lingoes become inoffensive and even sexy when used by her. She blogs in Tagalog.

renxkyoko – It escapes me how she does it all – solve equations, report for a regular job, check out the latest manga issues and drop by several Filipino as well as English blog sites. Her posts are longish, but who am I to complain? Hers is a friendly site with an average of 70 comments a post. People go there to chat and to tell their stories to this girl who is excited by molecules dancing. She computes them, too, haha. Dang, some people are just too competitive… ^^

apronheadlily – Her site always features photographs of the sky, with a little poetry tucked in and some musings on how life deals us its little tricks and by golly, how one should  get back somehow. Did I say she sounds rather motherly? Yes, and a tad too creative in a light and spontaneous way.

sphere – Humor and mischief are evident here. The narrator’s voice often casts a shadow over the technical competence of the creations. There is  a built-in camera that zooms in and out throughout the narration. It often makes use of contrasts – between micro and macro situations and between the individual and the society that ought to have known better. Sphere denies these allegations and admits to only two faults: the spare use of punctuation and the intent to poke fun. Her site is also in Tagalog.

year-struck – Her prose flows naturally as water in the river. Her excellent command of English brings back memories of my grammar teacher in fourth year high, haha. ^^ Her site usually tells stories of how modern words evolved, takes us back through her tough Irish background and brings to the table some insightful discussions on the progress of the English language and how America is coping.

lipadlaya – Whenever people ask me for sites that will showcase the richness of the Tagalog language, this is the one I instantly recommend. The prose here has substance, rhythm and texture that makes for an interesting and smooth read. Immediately, the reader can sense the cadence and the control in the compositions. Lipadlaya blogs only between his teaching job and his domestic duties but surely, the blogosphere is fortunate in having him and his writings around.

thypolar – Hers is a wacky site that sounds a bit like Erma Bombeck’s raves except that the host is not some suburban mom preparing for a Tupperware party while balancing gerunds and infinitive verbs on her feet. Heck, she lives in Vegas and makes dinners for the husband and the three kids.  There is plenty of laughter, sunshine and love in that pole, from someone who has led a no-nonsense life.

claireatkinson – She takes pictures of her native city in U.K.  From a guy off to work in the early morn, to mothers pushing carts in the supermarket, to old men on their way home, looking out the bus windows – her camera has a keen eye for the everyday scenes. The angles of those photographs, the way she toys with the lights and the-pic-ought-to-speak-for-itself attitude of her compositions could be some of the reasons photo bloggers troop to her site.

barkinginthedark – I thought his site was owned somebody from the southern parts who has made it his vocation to rant endlessly, haha. Now, the guy’s from New York and he’s no other than the actor who sang the hit song, Don’t Nobody Move. At least, I was right about his skills in ranting…^^ He does it so well and in a poetic way, too. If anybody’s interested in the goings-on of America’s election, read his blow by blow account of the party. He serves patties in his site and his puns are double delight.

ediliociclostile – This Italian blogger believes that there are several tenants in his body and according to him, they are conflicted, in many ways. He illustrates these battling emotions and thoughts through his cartoons with those ever present, always piercing, eyes. There is humor, pathos and a generous measure of understanding, as he tackles the human condition without making the reader feel like he is reading a book introduction.

bagotilyo –  In between revising and submitting his resume, taking on temporary jobs, playing with his nephews and trying to be an obedient son, this registered nurse by profession finds the time to amuse the readers with tales of how his heart gets repeatedly broken by the same girl. After reading his love series, I was able to develop When Love Comes A-Knockin,’ an entry that garnered uh, maybe five (5) views. I hardly wonder, though. Bagotilyo’s posts are way funnier.  He writes primarily in Tagalog, too.

thedroidyou’relookingfor – He writes about flicks that touched our hearts, made us think somehow and even those that wasted negatives and the viewers’ time. What’s fascinating about his reviews is the blogger’s grasp of the medium, from the old movies captured in black and white rolls, to those most recently shown on the big screen.  While the movies he discusses may not necessarily be the one you or I have seen, or remember,  TDYLF makes it worth one’s while.

i do drawings – She wants things intelligible, clean and uncluttered. Her narrations through her sketches are straight, without fanfares and yet, they are touching. She says she disagrees with the way things are made complicated these days and how you and I could use some order, some sense of control, while doing and enjoying art. I really have no complaints except I want to ask why- oh-why  are some bloggers more talented than the others, huh? ^^

geronimo – He reviews films – the esoteric and academic kinds, haha. I suppose his territory is frequented by film and literature students. Here, one could expect elegant Filipino, deep Tagalogs and a healthy dose of measured prose. Coincidentally, this site makes me happy. It renders the nosebleed tag of my Tagalog site pale, haha. Let me whisper, folks, he is a writer and an editor by profession. It actually pays to get in his good graces because, uhmn, because he might just be the guy you’re going to show your work to, one day… ^^

artsyforager – The lady is a professional online curator who shows arts from the high places,  discloses where the artists are hiding and explains the philosophies behind the artists’ creations. She takes the readers through the alleys, garages and art museums, as she regales them with stories about lines and curves. Sometimes, she also discusses the hows and whys of artworks that come and go.


These are new acquaintances but I sure hope to read some more in their sites. Btw, am still wondering how they (talented people) came across my site. ^^


brianwestbye – He writes and writes with deep feelings. If there is one who seems to live by the advice that practice makes perfect, it’s him. I’ve taken a stroll in his site and been amazed at how patient and prolific a writer could be. I hope I could imitate his example.

munchow – He’s got an interesting job that takes him places and allows him to take countless photographs. His pictures seem to capture not just the scenes, but also the mood and the history of his subjects.


Still more new discoveries, young bloods with plenty of potentials:


positivetoxicity – The owner stumbled through my Tagalog site and I jumped over her fence likewise. I could hardly believe that such rich composition and wide English vocabulary come from somebody that young.

akingpanulat – Writes stories in Tagalog. Has a gift for story-telling, unusual for somebody whose job has something to do with numbers and figures. I hope one day, she gives the paperback romance writers a run for their money.

littlespaceship – Her site is creative, hopeful and experimental. I hope she continues to write and claim her share of the earth, as well as her space in the outer dimension.


My answer to Renx’s questions and my own set of questions will be for the next post. I know, this is kilometric enough. But I hope I was able to give you the bird’s eye view of some of the sites that enrich our alternate universe called the blogosphere.


Thank you for reading and have a good day, folks! 🙂


23 comments on “Ooops, I’ve been tagged! Lists don’t come easy… :)

  1. nadia says:

    I came in first on your list!!! You truly made my day! And you know what, I might finally take some time out today to publish a post. I know, the last time I wrote something it was like the year 20 BC. I’m also guilty about not replying to your e-mail yet. But I promise you that I saw the pictures and I am jealous of your trip (or maybe that’s why I didn’t reply, haha!).

    “If blogs were books, I’d say this is my happy find.” This is the best thing someone has ever said about my blog. Thank you so much, my friend!

    I also need time to visit those blogs you linked in your post. If you read them regularly, chances are they are definitely worth a visit! I know I’m going to have a very busy weekend 🙂

    • of course, am sure about that. you know what, we’re missing your posts so, you better, hehe. and yes, i read your posts circa 20 BC, lols! and your not writing back, hmnn… sa presinto ka na magpaliwanag, haha! 🙂

      you are welcome, my pleasure. ^_^

      yeah, time to get your blogging groove back. time to upload the pics you’ve stored from your trips and to tell the stories you’ve been keeping to yourself, ahaha. ^^ hugs 🙂

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, man ! You’re tagging me ? Ahahahah ! That’s good though. I have a ready topic to write about.

    And , gee, thanks, for the write -up ! Actually, I make use of every second of my life. Life is short, although I feel I really need to stop and smell the roses.

    Anyways, I’m eager to read your answers to my questions.

    Cheers, Ate !

    • ahaha, actually, am not sure how this works… but i’ve got an idea that it’s somehow similar to a chain letter? but maybe, the chain/tag could be broken, as a tag has no threat or curse attached, that so? ^^

      aww, no problem ^_^ your routine, discipline and feats are pretty admirable. your fellow Filipino bloggers here are proud that someone with pinoy blood is kickin’ ass in America. 🙂

      ah, i feel like am going to take an exam with your questions, hehe. will be busy for the weekend, i think. many thanks and cheerio, renx!

  3. ayerarguelles says:

    uy, salamat. 🙂

  4. asus, wala pong anuman. 🙂

  5. marrymhey says:

    ahw.. i’m so touched.. 🙂
    thank you very much for the tag.. ^__^
    for a new wordpress user like me, it’s an honor to be listed here. 🙂

    i really want to be a writer.
    and hope this will be the start of my new career.. and i do hope that someone might notice me to help me up. ahahahah 🙂

    thank you very much.
    take care and Godbless us. ^_^

  6. marrymhey says:

    ahahahah.. i’m not planning to resign..
    i just want to do what i really want and at the same time, make profit out of it.. kahit extra lang. madami ako ginagastusan kasi. ahahah

    andaming magagandang blogs.
    hope i’ll be able to read all of them pag nakalipat na ako ng place. 🙂

    thanks kapatid and Godbless.

    • ah, yon naman pala. on the side lang muna ang pagsusulat, nakahinga ako ro’n, mhey. 🙂 hindi kasi economically profitable ang magsulat unless makagawa na ng akdang mala-harry potter series or twilight saga, ahaha..

      btw, sagutin mo ang questions sa recent post, ha? tagged, you’ve been tagged.^^ gawa ka, mhey, para masaya. i’ll take a peek at your site and see your about tagging post, katabi ng novelletes mo, ahihi. 🙂 regards!

  7. hello, mhey, ando’n sa kasunod na post. 🙂

  8. Mars says:

    Hey I’m in the list! Wew! That’s a first time for me… Thanks for taking time to jump over the fence and read through my rambles. Appreciate being in your list. Many thanks and warm regards from Mars of..well, that newby blog positive toxicity. 🙂

  9. hello, mars! right you are… btw, i intend to go through more of your rambles and see what treasures lie under, hehe. you’re welcome and warm regards, too. salamat sa positive vibes and for your comment. ciao! 🙂

  10. bagotilyo says:

    wow grabe naman ang pagkakadescribe mo sakin dito .. tulo ang laway ko. lol

    prom da botom op my hart . salamat sa iyo..

    teka ano ba to? hahaha

    babasahin ko nga ng buo 🙂

    • ahaha! ‘indi ko pa nga inilagay ‘yong ang dami kong tawa madalas sa posts mo, saka pogi ka pa. sus, pag inilagay ko ‘yon, baka sa site mo na lang sila pumunta, hihi. ^^ you’re welcome. basahin mo one day ang when love comes a-knockin, required sa ‘yo. 🙂

      feeling ko, hindi mahihirap ang tanong ko, yakang-yaka mo, kapatid. go! aantayin ko ang ‘yong sagot… excited ako ro’n sa parteng paano inaalaska ng friends and family, ahaha. good day sa ‘yo!

  11. thanks for the plug, i really appreciate it. continue…

  12. munchow says:

    First now I actually see that you tagged me. Unfortunately it takes quite a bit of time to pass it on, so I will have to see what and when. But thanks for bringing me into the fun.

  13. […] beses ko nang napag-isipan na sagutin ang Ooops Ive Been Tagged Lists Dont Come Easy ni 35andupcynicismonhold pero hindi ko pa rin […]

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