roads and time unencumbered

larawan ng highway sa Kamaynilaan na walang gaanong trapiko

Days when the streets in Metro Manila are deserted are few and far between/


Cruisin’ the highways during the Lenten season has become a favorite activity of mine over the years. On those days, the big city looks deserted – most establishments are taking time off, very few people on the streets and suddenly, one notices that four-lane roads are just that – four-laned – after all. (On ordinary days, cars are parked on either sides of the road – indefinitely. The moving vehicles had to squeeze through.) No banks open, restaurants hang their CLOSED signs and only a few pedestrians dare to walk on the baking concretes. It’s summer, all right.

The vendors that usually line up most avenues have also taken their holidays – doing the laundry perhaps, resting with their families at home, maybe or most likely, catching up on the Lenten specials. The city streets and the side streets all get to take their breather. A couple of souls  grace the streets and the pavements – on errands or on their way home. One or two private cars would zoom past us. Even the traffic lights look desolate, the pair of eyes looking at them markedly lessened. How many million city-residents went back to the province to catch up with their relatives? How many opted for a weekend get-away?


A Jazon Mraz with Raul Midon song was playing on the car CD.  I like Midon, he’s got a manly, soothing voice, one of the few artists I immediately liked upon hearing for the first time. My sister and I are not exactly in sync’d when it comes to music. She has this  You-must-put-up-with-it-am-the-driver-I-get-to-select-what’s-to-be-played (One can only choose among Mraz’s songs and most of them are lazy). I allay her fears, often. I tell her that I happen to like Mraz’s  Details in the Fabric. To which she usually retorts, “only because James Morrison is in it.” Haha, there’s some truth there, actually. She drove quieter than usual, her customary road rage temporarily tucked away, I don’t know if in observance of the Christian holiday.  We were on our way to the province, before her scheduled out of town Easter trip. ~~~


We did not visit the siblings and the relatives in our native village. We just did the rounds of relatives in the city in our province, only two sets of nieces and nephews actually. Then, we swung to the public cemetery in town to update our mother on who among her grandchildren graduated. We told her that her eldest son’s kids finished with honors – the grandson will now be going to college and the little one, the granddaughter (who’s not so little anymore) is a valedictorian. Afterwards, we took photographs of the sky – the moon basking in its full glory – with crosses atop the tombs serving as picture frames. It was fun though uneventful, unhurried and unencumbered in many ways. The three healthy teenagers with us had a good time – in the cemetery. ~~~


It’s still holidays and I am very much infected with the laziness of the surroundings. At any rate, let me share with you the music I’ve been listening to, in the past month  ~~~



Elend – dark and gothic indeed.



In Gowan Ring – very poetic, sounds folksy somehow.



Elisa – talented girl, sings of tough love.


Happy Easter, people! Many happy returns of the week…  🙂


15 comments on “roads and time unencumbered

  1. J.A. Vas says:

    beautifully told experience! the photograph fits very well! I had a really vivid impression!!! 🙂

    even more, what surprised me is that you shared a song from Elend! I really, really admire them. I have the plan to introduce them on my blog in the near future. 😉 the song you’ve chosen is one of my favourites!
    apart from this, the next surprise was when scrolling down and seeing Elend followed by In Gowan Rings. unfortunately I missed their concert in my town some years ago. I really like them, especially “Sleepless Search”, “To Thrum a Glassy Storm”, and “Hazel Steps”. “Boat of the Moon” I didn’t know, but it’s great! 🙂
    and crazy you! posting after all of this Elisa, the Italian pop girl singing beautiful songs. 😀

    • hello, sinister pink! so glad you stopped by and commented… 🙂

      yes, Elend is one of a kind. i’ve been listening to the duo since March and i regret that i didn’t know them earlier. actually, there are two songs for every artist/band mentioned above. click the Elend above to view Under War-Broken Tree, ahaha. will await your post… ^^

      i haven’t listened to Sleepless Search but i will, at once… as for the other songs you mentioned, i’ve listened to them a number of times. IGR is another group i regret not being introduced to, earlier. i mean, they’re unusual. it’s a pity you missed their concert… :c

      and Elisa, i knew about her much earlier. she’a singer, she is! ^^

      regards to you and am really glad we had a chat. cheers! 🙂

      • J.A. Vas says:

        ah, okay, I didn’t notice those links… 😉
        “Under War-Broken Trees” is a hammer of a song! I have it on my mobile phone. when having it put on my playlist I always await it to appear, especially the part up from 3:00.
        “The Seer and the Seen” and “Stranger” cannot compete with that song the way I see it, but still they are very, very beautiful. 🙂

      • hello, again. ah, under War-Broken Trees is indeed special. i listened to it over and over again last night, haha. also, to Sleepless Search – very poetic lyrics and what a soulful rendition. couldn’t find copy of the lyrics in the internet, though…

        ah, The Seer and the Seen and Stranger are easy listening pieces… am not really that familiar yet with IGR’s and Elisa’s whole song lists (IGR has a long, long list…) that I cannot say yet which are their to-die-for songs, haha… ^^

        it’s good to know somebody also likes the songs one listens to. ^_^ regards and cheers, SP! 🙂

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Hello ! !

    I answered your tagging questions…… Check them out …

    Cheers !

  3. bagotilyo says:

    panandaliang tumahimik ng konti ang metro manila sa pagdaan ng semana santa ..hehehe

    Godbless 🙂

    hindi ako masyadong pamilyar sa mga nakapost na kanta.

    pero si jason Mraz, kilala ko naman kahit papano.

  4. hello, hello, bagotilyo! how was your Easter? nagpakabait ka? hehe ^_^

    ah, oo, sarap ng mahabang bakasyon, medyo mainit nga lang, ‘no? nakakatuwa ang monday na walang pasok, ang saya lang…

    ah, oo, di sila gaanong pini-play sa radio dito sa atin. pero, sikat rin sila sa YouTube. poetic ang lyrics nila at medyo kakaiba rin ang melody kasi, singers-songwriters sila, ayon… btw, si Raul Midon is a blind singer, parang Stevie Wonder na ang ganda ng boses, pramis. regards sa ‘yow & be blessed! 🙂

  5. Iya Santos says:

    i usually stay in manila during holy week because it’s so peaceful! this year, i went out of town and nabwisit lang sa los banos kasi doon may heavy traffic. hehe!

    belated happy easter! 🙂

    • hello, Iya, salamat sa pagdaan… 🙂

      dati rin, kami ng friends ko, we stay over ’cause we’ve a male friend na kabisado lahat ng bukas na restos and inuman sa M.M. pag ganyang season, haha. but in the last years, most of these friends are busy with their growing kids so, we’ve taken to going back to the prov. to visit relatives, ayon…

      hala, buti, di kami nakaisip mag-Los Banos, traffic pala… salamat sa bati at ganoon din sa ‘yo. happy summer! 🙂

  6. Mars says:

    Isn’t it a joy to savor a quiet day in Manila sans heavy traffic, the hustle and bustle of people? For years, my family have been enjoying staying in the metro for holy week.

    Great imagery in this post, I felt transported back to the recent Lenten happenings that I shared with very special people. Thanks! And another thanks for new songs that I am yet to download and enjoy. I crave for a different kind of music every once in a while.

    Wish you had a meaningful Lenten season, and here’s to hoping that you enjoy this summer season, too!

    • Hello, Mars… yes, it’s a joy and a break, indeed!

      Thanks for appreciating the write-up and glad that you’ll be listening to these melodious songs with poetic lyrics, ahaha. magagaling sila. ^^

      Gee, thanks for the greetings and the well-wishes. Hope you will, too. Glad you dropped by… 🙂 🙂

  7. Looking at the picture, I can’t seem to remember ever seeing Manila’s street that empty! 😀

  8. […] can bet my sister grilled me for discussing Jason Mraz again in my post, haha. In addition, she castigated me for mentioning Kina Grannis, the young,  Californian pop […]

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