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The recent days have been bright, bright, bright, as one could imagine. Yep, that’s how it is being in a tropical country, yo! The sun rays permeate and light up everything – from the dark corners, to the clotheslines at the back of one’s house, to the streets and avenues, yes. Did I say that the roads are scorching hot? Yes, they are. It’s summertime over here, folks. Once a person is out of the air-conditioned room, he is sweating from his head, to his neck, and of course, at the armpits, haha.


larawan ng sampayan ng damit

Summertime, clothes dry faster/


To say it is humid is to understate things,  a whole lot. Somebody said that there are two seasons in the Philippines: hot and very hot. That’s a joke, of course. It’s actually wet and dry. But hey, there are months here when things are wet, wet,wet. Kiddin.’  There are months when the rains fall without let up. Storms do visit us like an arduous suitor – here now and here again, later. But that’s a fact. We get an average of 19 storms a year. That partly explains the resiliency of Filipinos – we’re used to rebuilding, haha.

Anyway, as bright and hot as the days are, am illumined and gladdened by the fact that there are actually a couple of souls who read my blogs. It is an experimental site, as I said to some online friends a few months ago. It isn’t like I don’t write in English in real life, I do.  But for a long time, I did not take pride in it, to be honest.  Most of the things I’ve written so far are related to Economics, politics (governance, development, regulation) and hundreds of  business letters, haha. I’ve written mostly behind the scenes.

So, when the idea of doing a blog in English occurred to me, I was unsure as to what to put in, seriously. I thought, if one’s going to write a blog and in English at that, she must have a bunch of friends who would read and follow the same avidly – via Facebook or other social media. Thing is, most of my friends are now busy raising their kids. They’re not into blogging, as writers or readers or both. And old-fashioned me does not have a Facebook account. Thus, I didn’t think this site would be patronized – by friends and strangers alike. It turned out, I’m wrong, one way or the other.

Happily, more than three people bother to drop by here, every now and then (Huge thanks, you, lovely people! Lab, lab, lab ;)). Some leave their marks via Like, some even ask thought-provoking questions and some leave cheerful remarks. These are beyond what I hoped for or expected. Back then, I thought I’d be left alone for the most part.  But that was false thinking, I can see now. In blogging, there appear to be brownie points. Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that before, huh? And one does encounter different sorts, at different time zones, haha. 😉 She comes across serious writers, as well, who also happen to be diligent readers.

larawan ng VBA

Too early for this but I ain’t returning it. *wink*

Coincidentally, one of them is Mars of the positive toxicity.  She’s a Filipina in her early twenties. We have not met personally, yet. I tagged her once and the grateful daughter of the quilt that she is,  she has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Some repayment, huh? I would have liked to pull her hair and call her attention to the fact that I’ve not written anything here that deserves accolade. But she seems to be the kind that’s hard to convince. So, am not gonna try. Am not going to return it, either. It doesn’t happen everyday, see? Thus, I am accepting it, with all the smugness I can muster (I copied that one),  and, with all the gratitude – thank you, Mars. May your blessings multiply and may your writings get better and better… 🙂


Seven Random Things:


1. I am afraid of the camera – afraid to hold it and afraid to have my photos taken. My sibling likens this to tribesmen’s fear of having their souls taken away when the apparatus clicks.

2. I was a tall, thin girl for a long time – string-bean Tina type.  Several years and several pounds later, several people could hardly recognize me. It’s the same me, only thicker in the middle, huh?!

3. I am seriously aggrieved by a flying cockroach – just like Mars, I hold that crawling cockroaches are facts of life, but flying ones are a different matter altogether.

4. I drink coffee three times a day. I would have wanted more but one needs sleep.

5. I take long walks whenever I can. When I was younger, it was jogging.

6. I buy sauteed peanuts off the pushcart whenever I do marketing.

7. I used to have a site (blog) in Tagalog that talks about life in the countryside in the days before most Filipino bloggers were born, ahaha. 😉


I have tagged most of these people before, but I guess it’d be fun to check them out once again:


larawan ng brownies

Thank you for reading this far. ;)/

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend ahead, folks! Many happy returns… 🙂


28 comments on “Brownie Points

  1. sorrygnat says:

    The universal comfort food, brownies, comes to you in heat and in cold. nice post. high regards

  2. Mars says:

    I almost forgot you tagged me which means I am not just reciprocating. Lolwhat. Oh but keeping two blogs embracing a variety of subjects makes you versatile, doesn’t it? Or at least in my context of what versatile blogging is. Just pointing out that you deserve it! You’re welcome and happy blogging!

    And may our tempers be cool despite the hot, humid, summer-y days in this country. Cheers to the weekend!

    • Hey, I tagged you because I read your Wandering and Wondering post and was taken aback. I mean you’re 22 and you write that way – no way! I said to myself, this one’s totally weird, haha. 😉 Who writes sensible things at 22? She’s an alien, my dozen readers have got to hear/read about her! ^_^

      Am really a talkative person in real terms, for one. For another, I didn’t, never attempted a journal in real life. That probably explains the volume of chatter on my blogs. Nah, I know of several bloggers who write seven to 10 posts a week, with sensible and useful contents. They’re almost unreal, ahaha. 😉

      Hmnn, our family get-away has been postponed. I will try bathing with water with ice this weekend. How’s that for keeping temper cool?… ^^

      Loads of thanks & happy weekend, Mars. Hugs! 🙂 🙂

  3. bagotilyo says:

    I am pretty sure you deserve the nomination.

    keeping and maintaining blogs that talk about different genre is very hard.

    btw, I dont see the ” hot and hotter” thing as joke.. wahahahha

    alam mo yan .. lols

    thanks for tagging 🙂

    • Thank you, bagotilyo. You’re a friend! 🙂

      “Hot and hotter” was begun as a joke among urban youngsters. Little did they know it’d become true! Why don’t we begin by amending the wikipedia entries on seasons in the Phils? Lols! 😉

      Hey, it isn’t just a tag. Am in effect nominating you to VBA. So, you are to do the same, haha. You now have a topic for your next post, yehey! I’ll be waitin’ and readin’. Have a fun weekend! 🙂

      • bagotilyo says:

        haha .. nalilito me? wer na u?

        teka teka .. may deadline ba to?

        binasa ko to ng dalawang beses pero di ko na gets na kasali ako..

        lutang ba ako?

        nasaan ang salamin ko? malabo na ata mata ko.


      • Hey, chill, kapatid! Hmnn, you’ve a week to do a post about it. Peanuts, I’d say. The hard part, I guess, would be choosing who’ll make it to your set of nominees. Time to pay homage to your favorite bloggers, ahaha. 😉

        Am pretty sure you’ll find this easy as a breeze. Wink and hug! 🙂

  4. munchow says:

    Congratulations with the award. You have a lot interesting thoughts going on on this blog, so it’s very well deserved. And I am not surprised that you have had more than three readers dropping by. I am sure the numbers will only increase in the future. Thanks for tagging me here, it is of course fun – as you say.

    • Hello, Munchow,

      Many thanks, it sure makes me glad. It’s a nomination, Sir Otto, not award. ^^ But I appreciate it that people like you – have lived longer (haha), been around, so to speak, have read and seen more, do drop by here, now and then. It’s been an honor and pleasure knowing (somehow) you and the others… 🙂

      Ah, am nominating you for the VBA, sir. Nah, that isn’t just your ordinary tag. ^^ You must do a bit post about the same subject matter, am afraid – thank the one who nominated you (ahem), list 7 random things about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers. Oh, i hope you’ll kindly oblige. Cheers! 😉

  5. ladyfi says:

    Congrats! Here’s wishing you much success with your blog.

    • Thanks and congrats to you, too, Ms. Fiona! You’ve been nominated as well, ahaha. And I wish your site and your insights more success and blessings, too. Warmest regards… 🙂

  6. Congratulations for the award. And I am absolutely delighted at finding the name of my blog in this coveted list. Thanks a lot for this honour!

    • Thanks! But it’s a nomination, my dear friend…^^ And mind, you are nominated likewise, ahaha. 😉 I hope you’ll take time to oblige us with a VBA post… ^_^ And yes, I am an admirer of your site, indeed. 🙂

  7. J.A. Vas says:

    flying cockroaches?! pfuideibel!!! >:-p

    “I take long walks whenever I can. When I was younger, it was jogging” 😀

    last but not least: thank you for tagging! 🙂

  8. nadia says:

    Your summers can never be as humid as ours (and we have a generous share of summer that lasts a painful 6 months!). I laughed out loud reading the part about storms and the resiliency of Filipinos. During my ten-year stay in the Phillipines, I believe I have experienced enough storms and typhoons to last me a life time 😀

    Congratulations and thank you for the award and putting my name on the number 1 spot! I loved reading those bits of info about you, since you’re a private person and all, so any personal info from you is nice to read. I’ll share seven random things about me in this comment (if I promise a post, I’m not sure how long that would take):

    1. I do not text/sms. I call. I think it’s eventually cheaper, a more quicker, and effective means of communication that sending several text messages back and forth.

    2. I will not go to the mall unless I need to buy something (or eat). I may visit if something new and exciting is unveiled, so that I could take pictures and blog about it later on.

    3. I love street food.

    4. I mostly watch movies online. The last movie I saw in the cinema was Avatar (was that last year or two years ago?). I’m going again next week to watch the Avengers.

    5. I can not drive to new places without my husband. He’s my trusty GPS and bodyguard.

    6. I only shop for clothes and shoes when it’s necessary. I have never done impulsive shopping.

    7. I enjoy brief conversations with strangers in the airport or the hospital lounge, for example, but when women begin talking about their pregnancies, hormones, marital problems, and in-laws, I want to run to the opposite direction.

    • Oh, I’m afraid your land is merely living up to its name and nature, haha. ^^ Six months? Had I lived there, I would have died eons ago. But it has made you a better person, hasn’t it? People say suffering does that, ahaha. ^_^

      You are much welcome, Nadia. And I hope there are more readers who think the same way about my personal info bits, haha. 😉

      I love your personal info set!!! I didn’t expect them. You just earned my respect in most of the items on the list except that part about not having done impulsive shopping. I now have my doubts if you’re a woman from the outer space. Imagine not having been bitten by the shopping bug? No way! You must be from Mars or Venus, huh. ^_^

      The last item would make for a good cartoon series, something similar (but with a different theme) to Cathy Guisewhite’s works, ahaha. Ikaw na! 😉

  9. Wow, thank you again, I’m honored by the nomination for Canadian Art Junkie. I found those random things about you very interesting. Especially the part about the flying cockroaches. I share your shivers!

    • Hello, BoomerOntario,

      Many thanks to you. I really enjoy going over your features, your site surely deserves the nomination. Reading there, I learn a lot and enjoy the tour on your online gallery.

      Glad you enjoyed the personal info and thanks for also for your sympathy re: the roaches, ahaha. This is one of the reasons why am all for the segregation of trash – to lessen cockroaches. ^^ Thanks again and warm regards! 🙂

  10. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, wow ! ! Yay ! Thanks , Ate !

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