Well, I barely know this guy… But at the rate he’s bashing and blasting every blogger (well, almost), I might as well echo some of his mischievous words and try WordPress’  reblogging feature. He prides himself on toilet humor but has got most people laughing their asses off, in the and on the way out of, the bathroom, haha. Claims he’s from the low end of the spectrum. Now, what does that make us, huh? He’s some kinda… Here’s BBB. Have a good laugh, folks! 😉


As most of you know, besides my incredibly successful blog bestbathroombooks, I work for WordPress.  They hire me from time to time to show other bloggers that writing a blog is easy, fun and not a complete waste of their lives.  I think we can all agree I’ve done a spectacular job.

Well, actually, too good a job.  The WordPress servers are overloaded with bloggers.  WordPress executives are depressed.  So they hired me again.   This time they asked me to write a few demotivational posters, and, because the money is ridiculous (I’ve already retired six times off of this blog and WordPress fees), I said I would help.

There’s nothing that breaks my heart more than depressed multi-millionaires.  So here are ten posters that will live on in cyber-space forever and help WordPress stay afloat.  I hope they demotivate enough bloggers so that you—the important ones–can keep blogging…

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  1. Hey, Thanks 35. I can’t believe anybody reads me because I insult people so much. But I guess everyone knows I’m one of them, and the web needs these posters!

    • Hello! Believe me, the toilet humor niche is unsaturated. Am afraid the demand is way bigger than that of the noodle’s market in the Philippines. And the stats of that blogger from Uzbekistan must have gotten all-time high by now. You hit it close with that one. Of course, the last one’s a blast! Who would admit that? You’re some kinda duck, bbb, peace! 😉

  2. Nakakatuwa naman ito. 🙂

  3. bagotilyo says:

    hahaha .. ang kulit …

    parang shout out lang ..ganun? tnt

  4. Thanks for sharing this blogger’s link. Had a few good laughs this morning 🙂

    • Bad sya ‘no? Tawa nga ako ng tawa… May posts na sya before na parang mga gano’n pero mas bad sya with this recent post.

      Hello, Nadia dear. Good to hear you had a few good laughs. 😉

  5. singkamas says:

    This made my night! Haha. Salamat po sa pag-share. 🙂

  6. renxkyoko says:

    What he wrote…. bulls-eye ! !

    And for some reason, I’m likening this to my manga reading.

    Now why do I think that?

    * walks off , befuddled *

    • Hello! Ahaha, he’s so right on, ‘no? 😉 Hmnn, blogging and manga reading, yeah, there must be similarities… Am thinking, if bbb has Tatyana from Uzbekistan who appreciates his coleslaw recipe, why, you have Pepito, who I think, is from the Carribean, hahaha. 😉

      We bloggers, sure do get our affirmation from distant places. Cool it, sister – methinks everybody has some Tatyana somewhere. Peace, bloggers rock! 🙂

  7. J.A. Vas says:

    now I’m going to shoot myself! 😀

  8. hahaha!!

    so funnily annoying this one is!




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