Reading a Nigella Lawson post, the first time


Nigella? Yes, she’s the one. No other… The round, sexy woman from the TV food show who whips off delicious dishes in no time, makes to-die-for desserts and then, has friends over to eat them – with cool conversations and fun moments. She is no professional chef, by the way. Not a cook, either. She does not hide these facts. She celebrates foods and life… Curiously, I believe her.


Nigella Lawson's image is that of a beautiful, voluptuous woman who reigns it in the kitchen

This is the Nigella Lawson we usually see on TV/


Nah, I barely look like Nigella. Okay, we’re three poles and several continents apart… My hair is not the alluring kind, I don’t have hips and my boobs are a token set. I certainly do not have Nigella’s perfect teeth, her easy demeanor and her talent in being companionable.

But like the million other women on earth, I want to be her. Yes, her! Who wouldn’t? She looks charming, her body lies eloquently about her age (52, for heaven’s sake) and she appears like someone who knows what’s cooking on God’s end. Oh, cut it, you know what I mean… πŸ˜‰


So, my sisters and I do watch her shows on the Lifestyle channel, on the Food channels and on whatever cable station happens to carry her series – Nigella Bites, Nigella Feasts, Nigella Kitchen and the Iron Chef America, where she was once a judge. We could never get enough of her recipes – how she makes them all easy and delicious and the preparations, always relaxed and casual.

She does them like it’s no sweat at all – being beautiful, competent in the kitchen and pretty much, all-around likeable. Β She and I should trade places, really. ^_^


Before writing this post, I consulted Wiki for bits and pieces about her. After all, Nigella Lawson is dubbed the kitchen goddess.Β I should at least be able to say something decent about this celebrity I truly admire. She isn’t your usual, media-created persona different from the off camera person. She is the real deal, almost. She defies our stereotype impression of the English folks – formal, stiff and (in a whispered tone) boring… Nigella is warm, intimate and knows how to have a good time.

Daughter of a Member of the Parliament, Conservative that is, she voted Labor. Daughter of an heiress and socialite, she openly said she’d wear a fur from a bear she herself killed (I could picture the animal rights advocates doing her effigy). She declined the OBE due her and refused to be called Honorable. That to me, is a notch higher, renegade and more classy, than Prince William eating hamburger and hotdog from a stand…


So, anyway, I didn’t know before that Nigella Lawson, the esteemed, lovely idol, had a blog. My silly idea: she would have a Facebook and a Twitter account. But a blog? Blog takes time to write and it hardly matters that she was once an editor. She’s huge now – busy, right?Anyway, she does have one, started in 2009. It is called nigella dot com. It is a colorful site, full of recipes and stories, of course. It features recipes by other kitchen habituΓ©s…

How did I come across this information that is supposed to be common to netizens nuts about cooking and food shows? Through a site am subscribed to – PutneyFarm. Putneyfarm is a dad from California – plants and grows his fruits and vegetables, cooks and bakes for his family and friends and generally lives guilt-free and responsibly (everything that I don’t do, for sure).


By the way, Putneyfarm makes wines, too and his drink concoctions are mean, easy to follow and on the healthy side, of course… One day, I chanced upon Putneyfarm’s blogroll and lo and behold! There, on the upper right side of his webpage – Nigella Lawson’s site, whew… Nigella Lawson, wow! She’s for real and Β present on the internet like most mortals. Dang, how could I not have thought of that?

Finally, here’s the chance to get to know the majestic Nigella personally, up close and in action. Here is the opportunity to be regaled by her kitchen antics sans the camera, to be mesmerized by her decadent, prodigal and perhaps sinful, recipe… And so, I held my breath, clicked on her site’s link to read on the first post, ever, ever – of the much-admired, almost unreal Nigella Lawson. And this is the first post of hers I had all the luck to encounter, watch and be awed about.


Image of sliced ripe mango borrowed from another site. I spent one day and one night at Nigellas site looking for the spectacular first post I read from Nigella

Nigella’s post I first chanced upon was about slicing ripe mango/


Bloody thing is, I think I know about slicing mangoes since 30 years ago. But what the hey? As I said, Nigella likes things simple, easy and she defies one’s traditional expectations… And by the way, am not sure but I think that post falls under the category, Kitchen Wisdom. And wisdom does come in little bits, does it not? Splendid.

Besides, that’s the point behind idolatry, right? Anything, anything by and from your idol, a piece of her… She has other posts, not to forget. And they’re cool, swear. πŸ˜‰


18 comments on “Reading a Nigella Lawson post, the first time

  1. putneyfarm says:

    Thanks for the mention…Nigella is awesome…

  2. nadia says:

    I’ve been watching Nigella cook for years! Not that I cook any of her recipes. I’ve seen her Indian recipes and they were far from the way we Indian/Pakistanis cook, so I’m not really convinced. But watching her videos feels therapeutic, so I’m hooked πŸ˜€

    • hello, Nadia… same here, ahaha. The older sister probably cooks better than Nigella, she really has talent in that department. The younger sister does not cook at all. Anyway, all three of us do watch Nigella’s shows, sometimes, even together. We know too, that at times, Nigella tosses in all the ingredients with no care in the world, lol. Nonetheless, we love watching her lord it over in the kitchen. You know, cooking without perspiring and remaining pretty? hehe πŸ˜‰

      • nadia says:

        I tried cooking her way one day – all made up and wore nice clothes – and by the time I was finished cooking, it looked like I needed to freshen up, quite unlike Nigella whose “glow” doesn’t evaporate with the steam of whatever she’s cooking. And mind you, my apartment is centrally air-conditioned so I don’t even need to perspire. So my point is, Nigella retouches her makeup several times while cooking πŸ˜€

        I will continue watching her videos because she’s so pretty. And I love her accent too.

      • hahaha, your comment is really funny, Nadia. how you tried to really do it the Nigella way. and it didn’t turn out like her results at all, huh? some life, lol… πŸ™‚ but your glow did evaporate with all that cooking and steaming, dang! it really ain’t fair, my dear.

        anyway, if it’s any consolation, you’re a sight better than Nigella Lawson, promise… please click on Wiki as mentioned/cited in the post – it has a pic of Nigella wearing ordinary clothes and not hair and face-made up, i think… she appears like a “commoner.” btw, my bad. πŸ˜‰

        but we sure do watch her shows, don’t we? maybe it’s her face, poise and personality that we’re after, not so much the cooking… older sister is of the same age as Nigella but sister has a waistline 10 or so inches bigger than mine. i’ll lay the blame on all those times in the kitchen, hahaha. πŸ™‚

        take heart, my dear. we’re beautiful as well, say? πŸ˜‰ she has the accent but we’ll forgive her for that. she’s English, anyway, hehe. peace to mankind!

  3. munchow says:

    This only shows my ignorance, but I have no idea who Nigella Lawson is. But obviously she is quite a media guru in the food recipe section. Nothing wrong with telling people who doesn’t know how to cut a mango, only goes to show that she knows something that you know too. πŸ™‚

    • hello, sir Otto… wishing you all the blessings and cheers of the yuletide season. πŸ™‚ ahaha, Nigella is famous among food and cooking enthusiasts, sir. she’s pretty and poised – men watch to ogle, haha, and women, to dream that we’re Nigella, lol. oh, nothing is wrong… i just expected something a little more delinquent since it was my first time to read on her site, ahaha. regards… πŸ™‚

  4. ccdoh1 says:

    Yes, the sneaking out for naughty midnight snacking, the hidden chocolate stash, the sensual finger licking….throw a bucket of water on me please

    • hello, ccdoh1… glad you came by. i thank Nigella for this, lol πŸ˜‰

      ah, yes, we always wait for that time when she’d sneak by the fridge to munch on a little pastry she saved for midnight snacking. we just wonder why the cameraman has not left by midnight. methinks he’s monitoring Nigella for some wee hour mischiefs, haha. πŸ˜‰

      thanks for a nail down comment. Happy Yuletide season! πŸ™‚

  5. batopik says:

    Yay!!! Join Master Chef Pinoy Edition, and be like Nigella Lawson! Hakhak. Nanonood ako ng Iron Chef, pero hindi ko siguro napanood nang maging judge siya doon. Nakakatuwa naramdaman ko ang kaligayahan mo sa pagkaalam mo ng blog ni Nigella. Fan girl na fan girl! Hakhak.

    • hello, batopik… ayayay, di ako pang-chef na level. pang-cook sa carinderia, baka pwede, hehehe. si Ate, pwedeng chef, sya na lang… hala, hanapin mo ang editiong nag-judge si Nigella. kakatuwa ang Iron Chef, ‘no? ang ruthless ng labanan. ahaha, fan girl nga, gano’n. medyo na-imagine mo ang disappointment ko sa unang napanood na post? hihi, video ata ‘yon… vid where she was demontrating pag-slice ng hinog na mangga, sows… πŸ˜‰

      • batopik says:

        pwede na yung carinderia, dun na yun nagsisimula. plating na lang. hakhak. oo hahaha nakakagulat sila, pag nagpiprito nga ako ng itlog feeling ko iron chef na ako agad. hahaha. hindi ko nga mahanap yung video niya ng pagslice ng mangga, pero nakakatawa nu siguro dahil hindi sila tropical country kaya di sila masyadong pamilyar sa pagslice ng mangga, pero di rin hahaha.

      • hihihi, natuwa ako sa plating na lang. hoho nga, ‘no? pero mas gusto ko ‘yong nagpiprito lang ng itlog, feeling chef na, hakhak. ang nagagawa nga naman ng telebisyon sa psyche ng tao, lol. di ko nga mahanap, eight hrs akong pabalik-balik sa site ni Nigella dahil yon mismo ang gusto ko sanang i-attach – di ko nakita… pamilyar naman sila sa mangga -Mexican, Indian or Japanese mangoes ang preferred ng chefs. they do not know the heavenly taste of philippine guimaras mangos, hehehe. πŸ˜‰

  6. thanks for the introduction to a very charming individual. I don’t believe she is 52! Nice post!


  7. renxkyoko says:

    I have not heard of Nigella lawson, and I do watch the Food channel. ( Although I haven’t watched for a long time, I have to admit. )
    Once, Mom tried Martha Stewart’s Chinese recipe…… aaaaargh. By the way, don’t believe all the recipes they show on TV. Really, it’s all about experience. There was an article about these cook shows…. more often than not, the hosts spew out their own dishes, out of camera, of course. lol

    • hello, Ren… ah, Nigella is kinda huge among food enthusiasts. she’s fun and sexy for somebody her age. she’s engaging, i guess that’s what’s cool about her. nah, we don’t believe everything they show and say on her show but Nigella’s interesting to watch, just the same… she makes cooking and eating seductive, that’s what people say… Good day to you. Cheers! πŸ˜‰

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