In The Fields of Hate I Wandered


In the fields of hate

I wandered…

I counted severed skulls, charred bodies

mementos strewn about…

I smelled blood

way too fresh, too red

dark red…

I took two steps back.


larawan ng isang inang may pasang maliit na bata

We review and revisit the events and wonder – what has gone wrong? /









Only to catch a wider view

Nay, too vivid…

a field enveloped by dark despair

the sky’s too unforgiving to think —

salvation is at all possible.

Everywhere I looked

bespoke of trespass and horror —

everything is base, vile and low.


Why didn’t I think of it before

that anger could be sown

planted and grown?

That distance, discord and drift —

could be harvested, collected

placed in a neat vessel?

To be given back as revenge –

violence dressed as militance.


Humans are born alone

trapped in bodies too weak or too severe.

Raised by lingering doubts —

worked up, waned and warped by experiences

fueled by creeping sorrows.

Disappointments – too many for mention

dreams are woven and shattered

on a daily basis.


When does pain begin to petrify?

How is longing transformed —

into an image of the cold?

The path from gladness to madness

to tread that track –

rather too easily, a child’s play…

Want suppressed become pure hatred

to a man burdened – with murder at heart.


Everyone is suspect

everything is disposable

appetite for destruction revved up

with each step, with each conquest

Lunacy is oft methodical

careful and systematic

wrath must spare no one —

to cut, to break, to slit into pieces.


What is it like to be in a battle?

Is it true – all those deafening sounds

the explosions, the confusion, the rush?

Do men gather to defend the borders

do women bewail and bemoan

the death of children and infants

are fences really driven over

do animals scamper about?


larawan ng isang pamilyang naulila ng di-inaasahang pangyayari

In the heart of hearts of men is the longing for peace/








So it happens, sadly so

the burning, the shooting

the public display of the defiant

rape, pillage and plunder…

We’ve been taught

these are things of the past

we are civilized now – sophisticated

blood and gore belong to the barbarians.


But I looked around

and saw for myself

this vast incomprehensible creation

an artwork beyond compare —

ghastly, avant-garde, extraordinaire…

a cacophany of lives left behind in a hurry

a shocking display of things lying around —

to be erased, forgotten, never to be remembered.


larawan ng libingan ng mga batang nabaril sa Connecticut

Many young lives are suddenly over. Will we be able to explain the loss to the living  children? /










In the fields of hate, I wandered

and learned about fear and its companions.

Take my hand

there’s a chance, albeit slim

the way to peace is possible


it maybe

far… 🙂


larawan ng pinunong si Barrack Obama

The way to peace is a hard, uphill road – for leaders and members alike/









* This poem was written a year ago, a few days after Christmas after a very unfortunate incident. It is being published here as a sympathy post to the Connecticut shooting – condolence to the bereaved parents, siblings and to humanity – for the incalculable loss and sufferings…


** The piece is copyrighted. If sharing or republishing, please link it back here and give credit to the author. For permission to reproduce, please write to Thanks. 🙂


*** The next post will be about gratitude. It will be a short one, promise…


Wishing everybody a peaceful Christmas on the day said to be the end of the world – as we know it…. 😉


33 comments on “In The Fields of Hate I Wandered

  1. nadia says:

    Wow, this is written so beautifully! And yes, I believe that peace is possible. We should never give up hope. My prayers go to everyone who are going through a tough time.

    Happy holidays, ‘San!

    • Hello, Nadia… Thank you for the wow. 🙂 Peace is an elusive thing but i do hope it will come around. Or, at least, that people will come around to realizing that it is something we must work on everyday… 🙂

      Thank you for the greetings. Have a pleasant December, dear. 🙂

  2. ladyfi says:

    So moving and beautifully written. Wishing for peace around the world.

  3. ‘When does pain begin to petrify?’ There’s a question! And a beautiful post for the tragedy of now… there seem always to be too many tragedies at Christmas. Wishing you a peaceful one this season 🙂

    • hala, I don’t know, really… Would you? ;)… Thanks, Alarna. Maybe they come to show our threshold of pain and store of goodwill, eh? You, too. May this season come peaceful, warm and restful – to you and your loved ones. Cheers! 🙂

  4. i immensely enjoyed reading this post San!

    chill n take care!

  5. batopik says:

    if fear and hate have companions, peace has legions. HAKHAKHAK. XD

  6. Cara Olsen says:

    I still cannot quite wrap my mind around what took place at Sandy Hooky Elementary. Every time I try to consider looking innocent faces in the eye and then imagine taking their lives, I shiver. How? Why?

    This poem you wrote so very clearly explores that sinister evil that unfortunately does exist in our world; however, we can take solace and comfort in knowing that for every awful deed, there is someone, somewhere executing it with a gift of love, of kindness. I must believe this and I do. I pray you do as well.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and praying this holiday finds you loved and kept.

    ~ Cara

  7. Hello, Cara… Merry Christmas. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a wonderful message. 🙂

    The Sandy Hooky incident cuts to the core and will likely bring us sorrow every time it visits our thoughts and memories. That is really, really sad… ^^

    Thank you for reading and the appreciation. Yes, I would like to believe as you do that for every evil and low deed, someone, somewhere is trying to compensate for it with kindness and love. And that humans will always try to work towards peace and betterment… 🙂

    May the season be kind and restful for you, too. I wish you health and peace of mind. Cheers to you and your loved ones! 🙂

  8. Hi! Season’s Greetings to you. Happy blogging.

  9. CrazyFrog says:

    Merry Christmas San!
    Huuuuugs… Kisseeeeeeees ^_^

  10. bagotilyo says:

    <– Im a fan 🙂

    Merry Christmas ate .

  11. Reyn says:

    Yeah great post. I enjoyed reading your article.

  12. renxkyoko says:

    Hello ! It’s been awhile, huh. Well, happy 2013 t0 you and Cheers ! May you have a prosperous and fruiful this year and all the years of your life.

  13. renxkyoko says:

    Oooops ! It’s 2:54 AM here… typo ! ” May this year be prosperous and fruitful, and all the years to come !”

  14. where are you?? happy new year!

  15. Moving words, San. The horror of what happened at that school is unspeakable (I can’t allow it room in my thoughts for very long without the black tide that is my sometime-opinion of humanity threatening to rush in.) Some days I scour the news for those acts of remarkable love and kindness that I know are also happening to convince myself the scales are tipping.

    • Thanks, Tori… Yes, we must be able to drive away the black tide, they rush in, as you say… And oh, I even watch TV programs about good deeds, ahaha, to convince myself maybe, that the blackness in the human heart does not always win… 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. Like the rubics, btw… 😉

  16. Beautifully written……as if I can feel and smell the pain.

  17. […] mga tulang naisulat sa Ingles, dalawa ang paborito ko – ang In the Fields of Hate I Wandered at ang The Things We Brave. Conceptually, contrast ang dalawang akda… Calling out for peace […]

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