Dream little and big


Hello, folks! A minute to interrupt our regular programming… 🙂


cartoon image of the sun

Some days, the sun shines brighter/ openclipart.org

Just to tell you that on January 13, 2013, this site hit its 10, 000 views

and 500 likes. When I started this blog, I had modest hopes – maybe 3,000 views in a year’s time? That’s already three times more than what my sibling predicted, ahaha.  So, am happy, as happy as a bee on a lovely morning spree… 😉



WordPress Notification on January 13, 2013:


Congratulations on getting 500 total likes on35andupcynicismonhold.

Your current tally is 521.


Thank you, people, for dropping by and reading, every now and then. For chatting, for saying hi. For leaving kind thoughts… You have no idea what your presence brings over – glad tidings and more. You make a soul smile. You make my heart sing, haha. 🙂 Thank you, so much.


image of a bunch of pink flowers

The fateful day calls for some flowers/ shoaibnzm2.blogspot.com

Hey, on that day, I would have liked to send myself some flowers. 😉 But dangit, I know Valentine’s just around the corner and some of my friends will foolishly do that (again). And yes, some year, one or two siblings do, too! Can you dig that? 😉 That’s the awkward thing about being single – one doesn’t really know where or from whom the flowers will come. Oh, well… 🙂


Thank you, folks and fellows – for all the love, affection and attention. For brightening this side of the universe, for being the light that you are, for radiating warmth over here and for showing interest – little and big. For reminding me so oftenEverybody can dream. 😉


image of a flower field on a bright day

On a bright day, one is free to dream/ hdwallpapersnbackgrounds.com

Je vous remercie de tout cœur. Grazie. Salamat. 🙂 Cheerio!

20 comments on “Dream little and big

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Awwww ! Congratulations are in order, indeed !

    Ah, Valentines Day…, I dread this day ! ! Will I get something or none ? That is the question. But, really, I don’t mind not getting any if it won’t be reciprocated, anyway. It will just be awkward….

    How are you, Ate ?

    • hello, Ren… thanks a lot. you’re a prompt one, too, hehe…

      oh, the VDay, sorry I had to mention that. it’s just that i really felt like sending myself flowers, haha… oh, little one, do not worry about getting flowers or not on Valentines. from experience, somebody always does give us, hehehe. i wish you a love prospect on the coming Vday, somebody who’ll make you lighthearted and smiling like a schoolgirl, ahaha. 😉

      uh. uh, am okay-okay. we’re going swimming tom… hey, and you, kapatid? 🙂

  2. You and your blog really deserve the best! Keep writing Ate San. 😉

  3. ceriserose says:

    🙂 The selected flowers are so beautiful !

    Congrats for dreaming little and realizing a big score in a relative less time !!!

  4. Congratulations! Congratulations! I had to say that twice. Well-deserved. Really. You are an inspiration po to novice bloggers (tsaka po writer-kuno) like me.
    Salamat rin po sa pagbisita sa mga blog ko sa iba-iba ninyong persona. 🙂

    • ahaha, maraming salamat, learned ignuramus… ay, sos, sa sites mo nga ako nanggagaya, pramis. sa sites mo ako nangni-nenok, ihinahalo ko sa mga napulot sa sites ng iba – gano’n yon. hamo, isang araw, ikukwento ko sa posts. 🙂 thank you for the visits as well – from the teacher and the pet. 😉

      • asus. Nakopo. Yan po ang pinakamagandang bagay na narinig ko ngayong gabi. Coming from somebody here on WordPress that I really look up to (Wala pong stir yan). Maraming salamat po. It’s an honor for us. 🙂
        Masaya po ang guro at ang pusa tuwing bumibista sa inyong mga tahanan. 🙂

      • hello… you are most welcome. have a great week. 🙂

  5. nadia says:

    Congratulations!!! May your blog have many more hits, likes, and subscriptions 🙂

  6. superlolo says:

    Congrats po! Tama ang sabi ni thelearned…salamat din sa iyo…inspirasyon ang iyong magaling na pagsusulat …at libre naming nababasa. Sana kahit katiting ay may matutunan ako sa iyong mahusay na istilo ng pagsusulat sa mundo ng blogsperyo. Ingat palagi dyan sa atin.

  7. ladyfi says:

    Congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back.

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