The Things We Brave


Wait! The list of things, in life do we brave

The hours – long, odd and surely, grave

The palpitations, for the appointments made

One’s indecisions – while by the acacia’s shade. 


Image of a young woman saddled with worries

Dare your heart to forgive and live worries one day at a time/










The worries of yesteryears, looming so big

A cup of forgetfulness – deign give us a swig

The heels of our shoes, dig the soil quite deep

Begging time, daring one’s heart – oh, to forgive.


The future that asks us – plan, before falling to sleep

The sorrows buried and today’s demands, exigent

The rivers and open seas tell us – to swim and to wade

The question of triumph and yes, the part of self to keep.


Image of a sea and a hill

The sea asks us to wade in/









Oh, come now – admit here, for a moment

At times we stopped, by the forlorn bend…

To see the mountain grass below – to ponder on and gaze

To inhale the sweet scent of air, the misty morning breeze. 😉


Image of a slope fille dwith green grass and shrubs

The verdant field has a way of soothing the spirit/











Counting the grays


Counting the grays – of my hair

in my hand, a tweezer pair

Squinting – before the mirror

Hissing through, the despicable horror.


Image of a tweezer

Inevitably, the salt and pepper days begin/ http://www.built2build. net










Can’t see through the details

oh, of such wee small letters

Why are there  furrows on my forehead…

I see the beginning of – crow’s feet indeed. 😉


Image of a woman's face with crow's feet

Somewhere in time, they do begin to show up/









I stopped the world


I humbly asked the world, so big and blue

to stay the coming, the coming of morrow

bidding time, needing time, to embrace this sorrow

my plea has gone unheeded – with an aye or a no.


Larawan ng isang lalaking pinipilit pigilan ang takbo ng oras

I tried stopping the beat of the world. Hanging out there did not leave me good/










The world did not stop, for me nor for you

went about its business, with its usual ado

inhaled the smoke of the bus, just passed through

Hah, the next train won’t be – till half past two. 😉


Image of a person missing the bus

Hey, what’s the smoke for, huh?/










Of Lemons and Lessons


Life deals us lemons and we go around

proclaiming – we have learned our lessons.

Every hour of the day asks us, to use reason

We respond ably – deciding with our emotions.


Image of flowers on a vase kept fresh by sliced lemons

Lemons keep the blooms fresh/










We say, we each have compassion

That our instincts – no longer hold us in prison

That from time to time, we think of the common

That we’re able to keep at bay – those inner demons.


We keep trying – though it’s no longer the fashion

We keep hoping, we’ll wake early to witness the dawn

We bid the sun – to always serve the pretty morns

We cross our fingers, one day we’ll catch the bull by its horns.


Image of a person catching a bull by its horns

Hoping and trying to get things right/