Counting the grays


Counting the grays – of my hair

in my hand, a tweezer pair

Squinting – before the mirror

Hissing through, the despicable horror.


Image of a tweezer

Inevitably, the salt and pepper days begin/ http://www.built2build. net










Can’t see through the details

oh, of such wee small letters

Why are there  furrows on my forehead…

I see the beginning of – crow’s feet indeed. 😉


Image of a woman's face with crow's feet

Somewhere in time, they do begin to show up/









12 comments on “Counting the grays

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Don’r pluck it off. Color it !

    Hello !

    • hahaha, hello, Ren… yes, that makes a lot of sense. most of my friends began dyeing their hairs six or seven years ago. i haven’t… am late in most things, including the graying process, haha. 😉

      thanks for coming by, sister. have a good weekend ahead…. 🙂

  2. I started dyeing my hair a few years ago, not because I was going gray, but because it was getting darker and I wanted to put it back the way I remembered it. Silly, huh? I finally got tired of all the fuss and let it go natural again and still no gray. I definitely have the crow’s feet, though, and new lines every day, it seems.

    • hello, Tori… no, you’re not being silly. 🙂 and, you’re lucky, hehe. i had my hair dyed once when i was 21 or 22, just a shade different from its original color. curiously, only one of my friends noticed, haha.

      oh, it’s not crow’s feet yet, i guess. more like an eyebag that’s stayed there for a while, hehe. what got me writing the post was actually the blurring of the vision, never expected that one… thought it’s too early, huh? 😉 regards…

  3. munchow says:

    Don’t we all get there sooner or later? I just don’t care, whatever comes, may come, grey or blue…

  4. Haha, so wise… 🙂 Blue be it, sir Otto! 😉

  5. I have to admit to not minding crows feet – I feel they give texture and character to a person’s face. Not so keen on the ‘forehead furrows’, though… which seem to be getting etched on me.. :/
    Love your poem 🙂

    • hello, Alarna… thanks for this and sorry, it skipped my notice, huh… 🙂 hmn, crow’s feet? they make me look old, hahaha. although, i suppose, the ones i have won’t fit the definition yet. i think they look good on people with sharp features (Westerns and mestizas, haha), though. am plain-looking, ahaha. 🙂

      methinks it has a lot to do with our minding and worrying about things and ideas that people commonly ignore or let pass, ahaha. must be the bane of being an A.B. grad, whatdya think? let’s do think less of the world and more of ourselves, say? lol 😉

      many thanks for the appreciation, dear. glad you came by. 🙂

  6. bagotilyo says:

    galing nito ate susan 🙂

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