Love, they say


Has no season, the heart chooses its moment to bloom

Knows no reason, begs for – a piece of your pardon.

Excuse the humble self, on the edge of some treason

On top of the cliff – with little care or bit of abandon.


Image of flowers about to bloom

The heart chooses its moment to bloom. Or, so people say /









Hears strange music, some inner commotion

Feet dance, in heightened grace and passion.

An inane soul bound, pegged, to some silly notion 

The heart beats to a love – that’ll find its way soon. 😉


Image of a latte with G-cleft chocolate design atop

The heart follows the beat of a music only it can hear/










* The idea for this ho-hum piece must have come from a previous post. This is the last of the series of poems written in one sitting, sometime in March – after going over T.S. Eliot’s poem, in this post. Hey, it’s undeniably summer over here, folks. I’m two shades darker already. 😉  Have fun, cheerio!


38 comments on “Love, they say

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Wow ! ! Gimme some of that love ! !

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Ooops, it slipped from my hand…. story of my life.

  3. Love’s a thing, huh… take you to the edge, for sure 😉 Glad you’re enjoying summer! Ours hasn’t departed yet, either… For which I am very grateful.

    • hello, Alarna… it’s a thing, lol. a silly notion, indeed. 😉 well, i love the sun during summer but am not sure about the heat, hahaha. enjoy the season of the sun over there… 🙂

  4. bagotilyo says:

    baka magkakulay na tayo ate susan..

    parang naiinlove naman ako ngayon sa mga tula. gusto ko ding magsulat.

    inggitero lang 🙂

    • ay, mas maitim ako sa ‘yo, maputi ka (kita ko sa pics, hehe). saka, three times na me nag-swim from jan to march, hahaha. ta’s, nag-Ilocos trip uli nitong Holy Week – suicidal lang sa init, hihihi.

      aba, di mabuti. ang galing kaya pag ikaw ang nagsusulat about lablab? sulat na at nang may magaya uli, hihi. galing ‘to do’n sa post na kako’y ginaya ko lang sa posts nyo ni limitsandhorizons, ayon… sa yo pa rin galing, hakhak. 😉

      ellow, bagotilyo… happy summer! 🙂

      • bagotilyo says:

        samin galing? ang ganda ng product! hahaha

        pengeng talent!

        eh di ikaw na ang jampack ang summer.

        eto nga namamalat na ang buo kong katawan. nagtatransform na naman ako.

        ingats 🙂

      • hala, yung unang love post dito, yong inspired by your love series? o, di ba? sabi do’n, courtship is a dance, yown… sa inyo nga galing. bale, plagiarized ang previous post, sa tula inilapat this time, ahaha.

        mas original ka kayang magsulat, sipag na lang ang kulang? hahaha, lumecture na naman. kasi… 😉

        ay, oo, marami ang ga-graduate. di ko lang alam if sisipagin akong mag-a-attend. ang init kaya? hihihi.

        okay sa pamamalat – buong katawan, haha. ikaw na… 😉 you too, take care, dear john…

      • bagotilyo says:

        san ba kasi nabibili yang sipag sipag na yan. hahahha

        oo n nga po magsusulat na…. ewan ko lang kung kelan. hahaha

        sobrang init these days baka lumalapit na ang araw sa earth. ano daw? lol

        ayun . take care ulit ate san 🙂

  5. Love I say…is all that is…!!


  6. ceriserose says:

    Hi San…

    Your rimes are so beautiful… And they are right when saying : Love ! It’s one of the most charming order we may receive ! Take care… Cherry

    • hello, Cherry… thank you for the praise. yes, the people in the world need more of it. hope things are swirling fine over there. am waiting for your new post. kind regards… 🙂 ~ San

  7. 25pesocupnoodles says:


  8. J9 says:

    April is Poetry Month! Are you participating? I am not a poet but I am trying. :o)

  9. munchow says:

    Love is all we need… Enjoy summer – over here we still have a long way to go. 🙂

  10. hello, sir Otto… oh, we need abundant supply of love, am afraid. 😉 thanks, it’s awfully hot but trying my best to endure and enjoy it. kind regards… 🙂

  11. ladyfi says:

    Lovely piece of writing!

  12. nadia says:

    Lovely poem, ‘San! You can have this printed on V Day cards 😀

    We have a few more days of “winter” left and then summer will kick in with all its fury soon. Until then, we’re enjoying the scattered rain showers and cool evenings.

    How’d you been? I missed you. Have a beautiful day!

    • hello, Nadia… missed you rin, di mo ako isinasama, heh. 😉 hala, ang baduy kaya? the last four poems were written in one sitting, mid March. thus, one story lang sila… last ang Love, they say – tinamad na sa dulo… ang layo nito sa The Things We Brave, haha. 😉

      heniwey, print it on VDay card, pwede rin … ho-hum nga lang.. 🙂

      malamig pa ryan sa inyo? kainis… enjoy the showers and cool evenings. am sure, your summer will even out things some, later, haha. joke. 🙂 enjoy winter while you can…

      i’ve been attacked by the heat, lost and gone without money, haha. and you were not around. you were trekking by the rivers and mountains, my dear. ^_^

      hala, mukhang Indian ka na, miss? send pics…. 🙂 good day.

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