Don’t tell me what love looks like . . .


Hello, folks! In my two years and nine months of blogging, this is one of the best blog posts I have come across. And you would know why… 😉 Happy reading, warm regards! ^_^


A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly Green

Don’t tell me what love looks like.

          It is not always gentleness,

          flowers and chocolate

          and sweetness and stuff.

          It is not always acceptance and sighs

          and reluctantly letting go.

Sometimes love is hard like a rock,

like a hammer,

like a tether that binds tight for fear of losing to the blackness.

Sometimes love damages to save.

Sometimes it cries and wars and pleads—

fights on without an end in sight.

Because it is impossible not to.

Don’t tell me what love looks like.

          It is not always kindness,

          softness and light,

          weathered words that fall

          without impact,

          without fire.

Sometimes love is a prayer,

a scream to the heavens,

blood red desperation that begs to be heard above the roar of poverty, war, disasters,

and, oh, so many more worthy needs.

And sometimes love dies to live.


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28 comments on “Don’t tell me what love looks like . . .

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, mine isn’t it? I’m hurt. he he

    My LIKE button doesn’t work.

  2. J.A. Vas says:

    I glad you reposted this!! as I commented there: I think it expresses so well that love is worth struggling with, since it’s something to will and experience but fortunately not a feeling in first place.

    • glad you liked it, J.A. love is worth struggling with – what a wonderful thought. 🙂
      i will ponder on what you said for the weekend, haha. fun to hear your thoughts again, warm regards… 🙂

  3. J9 says:

    Lovely poem. And the misty picture of Yosemite is perfect. Thank you for sharing!

  4. June says:

    Hello Ate San! This is really a great poem. I love how “love” is presented in perfect simile. For a moment, it makes me think real hard and reconsider my perspectives on the matter. I like how this poem culminates with an allusion to the supposed highest expression of love. This is genius.

    • hello, June… hope your weekend went well… 🙂 and how is love presented in a perfect simile in the poem, what’s to be reconsidered, di nga… ano yaon, what’s the supposed highest expression of love, kapatid…

      well, apronheadlilly is herself. she makes wonderful quilts and bakes breads that i could smell from thousands of miles away. some of her poems came to her while washing away soil from the carrots and, some while trying to look for the right color of threads. she spends too much time driving birds away from the windowsill, if you ask me. 😉 🙂

      • June says:

        My weekend’s great, thanks. You too. Happy Father’s Day sa Papa mo Ate San at sa lahat ng Fathers sa inyo! Our family had lunch at my parent’s house to celebrate it so I’d say our day was well-spent.
        Hmm what’s to be reconsidered? Nothing that significant in particular, I just realized through her poem that love is more complex than the definition that I believe in. I like how contradictions against the common belief were weaved in a way that they become totally valid. 🙂
        In the Christian perspective the highest expression of love is compared to what Christ did so to end the poem with an allusion to Christ’s sacrifice was for me, an ingeniuty because I never had that coming. 😀 So even if I think otherwise on the actual thought, I liked the way she weaved everything intricately.
        Apronheadlilly is adorable in that sense… and the things you shared about her are enviable. One can only wish to be doing those little pleasurable things later on in life. 🙂

      • glad to hear that. salamat. and sa katatayan rin sa inyo, Happy Father’s Day. we went swimming for the weekend, kararating lang, ahaha.

        i love how you put it – love is more complex than you originally thought or believed in. am afraid, it is…

        according to apronheadlilly, she is a flawed Christian…^^ what i love about her poem is how it is able to bring the image of Christ without her mentioning him and drive home the point – love sometimes means sacrifice of the highest order – without expectation of anything in return.

        kumbaga, loving beyond the usual… a, yes, kakatuwa sya. she’s a busy person, she teaches pa and composes music. the quilting, the baking and adoring of birds are on the side, hahaha.

        it’s always pleasant to hear your thoughts, June. have a good, though rainy week ahead. 🙂

      • June says:

        Naks naman! Kakainggit naman, I bet you had fun swimming on a cloudy day…hehe assuming, medyo cloudy kasi dito samin, napag-usapan din namin magswim sa clubhouse pero wala mga swimsuit kaya di natuloy. 🙂
        “what i love about her poem is how it is able to bring the image of Christ without her mentioning him and drive home the point ” – Naman!
        Teaches and composes music? Galing naman pala talaga. I’ll check her stuff out more often now. 🙂

        Thanks Ate San! Same to you, have a good one. 😉

      • ah, i had fun, yes, salamat po. sa Club din lang, kapatid. and you’re right, naghiram din lang me ng swimsuit this time, hahaha. yong ibang family mem, sumama lang at tumambay, ilan lang kaming nag-swim. btw, ang itim ko na, pramis…

        ay, oo, apronhead is very creative and artsy. Canadian sya, married to an American. she had some records to her name, in her 20’s, sikat sya, sa pagkaalam ko. doting grandma sya nitong huli… 🙂

        have a good week, June, salamat for the comments.

  5. 25pesocupnoodles says:


  6. nadiaadia says:

    Alam ko na kung bakit paborito mo ‘to. This poem tickles the romantic side in you 😀

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem!

    • ay, gano’n, me alam kang gano’n? hihihi. i wonder what else could it be tickling, by any chance… 🙂

      be my guess. 🙂 as a ka-blog said, the poem is a genius. and who am i to disagree? hope your weekend was fun, Nadia… 🙂

  7. ladyfi says:

    This really is a wonderfully moving poem!

  8. Right on topic for me… 🙂

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