Settling the quandary


Hello, people… 🙂


In the Philippines, two of the most commonly patronized fish viands are the tuyo (dried herring) and the galunggong (round scad mackerel). They are priced low in the market, compared to other fishes and have therefore formed part of Filipino meals through the years… It does not come as a surprise then, many Filipinos still think that the galunggong is the country’s national fish. On the other hand, some say it is the tuyo, with a sleight on how most Filipinos fare economically, “Tuyo lang ang nakayanan (Dried hearing is all that we can afford)” or, “Tuyo pa rin (It is still dried herring, after all these years).” By the way, both taste good, when paired with a cup of steaming hot rice, ahaha.


Image of dried herring for sale in the Philippines

Tuyo or dried herring is a common viand in the Philippines/


However, our national fish is the silvery bangus (milkfish), a fact that has been taught us in school, from the earliest years… But this piece of useful information escapes us often, for some reason. Bangus is a handsome aquatic animal and I would say, represents the country and its people with pride. Maybe, when the time comes that more households can afford to buy bangus, we will remember… 😉


My next post will be about the round scad mackerel and other fishes commonly bought and eaten in the Philippines, folks…  Am afraid it is quite a long article, five (5) pages excluding the pics, ahaha. Next time you drop by, remember to have yourself  a cup of coffee or tea, and some biscuits… It will be an interesting read, promise. 😉


Image of tea and biscuits

Some hot drink and a couple of biscuits when you come around next…/


Hope you are well, warm regards… ^_^


9 comments on “Settling the quandary

  1. ceriserose says:

    Hey san… I’m well hope you too… Tuyo seems so small…

    Good day 😉

    • hello, Cherry… glad to hear you are doing well. am fine, dear, thank you. 🙂 tuyo is rather small – 5 to 6 inches and too flat when dried, ahaha. it’s considered poor man’s fish, over here… good day to you, waving… 😉

  2. renxkyoko says:

    My Dad loves to eat dried fish tuyo, but here’s the problem… we can’t cook it at home… the smell is … never mind. And Mom is allergic to dried fish…. her lips itch. But we always buy milkfish and tilapia and we have them fried at the store where we buy it… the service is free.

    • hello, Ren… tuyo is masarap when eaten only occasionally, ahaha. the dried fish is smelly, true. it takes getting used to, i guess… yes, i can understand your mom – i know several people whose mouth and lips itch when they eat dried fish. acquired taste, siguro. ako, kami – sanay, ahaha. ay, talaga may tilapia and bangus dyan sa malapit? aliw… let’s talk more about them in the next post, dear – may pics na ro’n, hihi…. 😉

  3. nadia says:

    My sister and I were at one of Dubai’s private hospital’s cafeteria last month. There’s a common microwave oven that both staff and guests can use. There’s a notice posted on the wall, right on top of the oven, that says “Do not warm dried fish here”. Haha.

    I haven’t had tuyo in years now and I do miss having it (dipped in vinegar with green chilies, of course) with garlic fried rice. The husband has banned frying tuyo in the house 😦

    I miss the salted duck egg with tomatoes too.

    • ahaha, i can bet the notice is directed to Pinoys and/or Asians, ahaha. the hospital is very diplomatic, hehe. they do know how tuyo smells. 😉

      tuyo is delicious when dipped in vinegar with chili, true. ahaha, that’s common breakfast in Northern Phils. where you stayed. also daing, that is usually served in the North, with longganisa, haha. nami-miss mo na? ay, lobby for the removal of the husband’s rather stiff policy, hehe.

      o, there are salted eggs sold in Dubai, i’ve heard… do you do marketing at Pinoy’s market there, huh? hellowie, Nadia… 😉

  4. munchow says:

    I have never heard about bangus before, but it’s interesting that it’s been picked the national fish of the Philippines. Always fun to learn something new from you.

  5. […] hindi umubra, click naman kayo sa post na Settling the Quandary. Ka-blogs, about isdang tuyo ang nasabing post. Again, walang kinalaman sa inyo… Pero, may […]

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