By God, she’s a strange creature!




A mother had a slender, small body, but a large heart a heart so large that everybody’s grief and everybody’s joy found welcome in it, and hospitable accommodation. –  Mark Twain


A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. –  Washington Irving


Mom, when thoughts of you are in our hearts, we are never far from home. – Anonymous


A mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled. –  Emily Dickinson


Mother that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries. –     T. DeWitt Talmage


On Mother’s Day I have written a poem for you. In the interest of poetic economy and truth, I have succeeded in concentrating my deepest feelings and beliefs into two perfectly crafted lines: You’re my mother, I would have no other! –  Forest Houtenschil


Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; a mother’s secret hope outlives them all. –  Oliver Wendell Holmes (1775- By 1817)




Image of a bouquet of flowers

Flowers make her smile and think she’s not forgotten/


Happy birthday to our late mother. Happy Mother’s Day, too! 🙂 🙂 🙂 


Quotes from here.