Taking the time to thank these lovely people

larawan ng dalawang isip na nagkikilanlanan

It’s fun to be acquainted with fellow writers who also try to make sense of it all/ faceupinteractivebydar.blogspot.com

Hello, folks! Let me pause to thank these people who took the time to come by my About page to shake the hand of this blogger. I mean, they didn’t just swing by, they leaped to the page to find out the possible source of the irritating rants and the longish musings, haha.


And, surprise, surprise, they clicked the like button, yahoo! 😉  I cannot thank them enough for the curiosity, for the wonderful gesture and for the appreciation. Allow me at least a chance to mention and to say this blogger here is dang grateful. You, folks, are splendid. ^_^


Ladyfi – an English professional photographer based in Sweden who has an uncanny eye for beauty and love. Am amazed at how she gets those angles and the way she makes use of the light. Larger than life and cheerful as could be,  is how I would describe her photos. She appears to me to be one of those who really enjoy the opportunity to share in the blog sphere.

Karen – a Filipina nurse by profession. She rants – oh,  she does. She sounds rebellious and does not give too much care if others do not think the same. I wish she would write more often and make use of the materials she encounters in her work setting and community.

Sorrygnat – an American teacher in her 70s, a published writer and an exceptional conversationalist. She has been around, the world citizen tag she has given herself fits her to a tee. Here is somebody who has known hurts, pains and displacements and yet can talk about them lightly, glibly and happily. Her writings sound like you would want to be in her kitchen to tell her your problems while sipping some warm soup she herself has made. It will be a lively session, for sure.
larawan ng isang babaeng nagsasabi sa isang lalaking mag-tsaa na lang kesa mag-blog

Is blogging silly? Does it make sense? / philhart.com

Pointless Paranoia – a Filipino guy in his early 20s. I can imagine him to be the geeky, sensitive and shy type, haha. He writes poems and poetry with feel and flourish both in English and Tagalog. I often wonder how somebody that young could write that way, with deep emotion when real-life experiences are still few and raw.

Personal Concerns – an Indian in grad school at the University of Delhi. At least, that is his pretext and preoccupation, haha. In real life, I suppose he is really a philosopher and a poet. He writes beautifully about the old and the new, the simple and the complex and the olden times and the modern world. He is a linguist, a rare breed. He is an academic guy, a very articulate writer and dang, he sounds thoughtful.  He sounds like a thinking, thoughtful guy.

Haribon – An structural engineer by profession, this Filipino blogger has multiple interests other than his day job. Based in Saudi Arabia and Qatar where his projects are, this family man makes time for his true love – organic farming. He dabbles with a number of things – stock market, blogging and community-based planning. He sounds like a well-meaning man with a goal. Or, several…

fivereflections – he is my granddad. And so, a thousand others’, too. His three- line haikus often smite the heart and one would like to read them over and over to be able to picture and to hold the imagery the blogger creates with such ease. His poetry is the seasoned kind, truly. Each of his posts garner an average of two hundred likes. The others and myself, we have a good reason for frequenting his place, want some of his writings to rub off on us, haha.

Alla Francois – a Filipina in her early 20s, too. She works in a hospital. Sounds to me like she is an unconventional person and a bit of a rebel, too. She has criticized me a few times for liking her posts, which to her are pretty much unlikable. I mean, am not just being kind or nice. Far from it.

Fork in My Eye – an American writer, very good at it, but still struggling, according to her. She is a professed lesbian and a happily committed one, too.  There is humor and fierceness aplenty to her writing that makes a reader come back for  second and third helpings.

themathteacheralsoreads –  apparently, this Filipino Statistics and Calculus teacher in his early 20s is bent on debunking the stereotype. Reading his entries, one would hardly mistake him for the hard sciences guy that he is. His prose and poetry both speak from the heart and convey a lot. One of his poems, is worth the mention  – Paanong Di Kita Maalaala? (How Can I Not Remember You?)

petriesan – he is an American and an accountant by profession. But I can imagine him to be a philosopher in disguise. He tackles issues and philosophy in his site and is rather honest with his left of center views. He takes time to break down the topics and explains his arguments well. Did I say that he talks clearly and candid?

bestbathroombooks – an American independent publisher and humorist in his 5os who has written for internationally circulated magazines.  He denies being a real writer, takes more pride in having raised his two children who both graduated English majors, haha. He wants to be known for his posts about scrotum, anus and everything oral, anal or toilet-related. His site is whackoo, that needs no saying.

MrsGreenBellPepper – a newly-married Filipina engineer based in Singapore. She seems to me to be the caring, sensitive and capable woman. Her writings are often very fluent and yet, quite cheerful and honest.  You would want her for a sister or a friend or both. I do.

RKHouse – an American computer engineer in his 50s.  I consider him to be one of the best in small-town thinking, feeling and writing. Most of his posts are revised or edited poems from his high school and college days, which are like little vignettes that touch the reader daintily and softly. His writings teach us how to be simple and happy – with feet on the ground.

valleyroadrambler – a Canadian events organizer by day and a thoughtful widower and poet by night. He writes a lot about his love and how the experience of loving her and being loved by her, has changed him in so many wonderful ways. He is sharing his journey with the readers with a lot of thoughts and feelings on what matters in this complex times.

gelaikuting – a Filipina traveller. Her posts have lovely pics of the beaches she has visited.  Her photos take us places and she seems to be the kind who enjoys what she is doing and what she is sharing. Not many get the chance to wander as she does. Did I say she’s lucky? Yes, she appears to be.

momentsephemeres – a French writer and artist. I can’t figure out  her age yet. Her writings possess a not so traditional point of view about things chaotic, out of their places or as she says, ephemeral. Her prose captures objects, events and thoughts in a way that would make one think, visualize and yes, agree with her after much trepidation. Or, maybe, none at all.
larawan ng isang tasang kape

They say blogging requires passion and authority. Well, one out of two ain’t bad./ businessblog.winweb.com


In a room full of people, chances are, only three (3) to five (5) would take to liking me instantly. I do not appear to be the kindly and caring type, haha. I look fierce, my eye brows are set high and people tend to think I am either too critical or uninterested. Some people think am too loud, hard to please and has far too many stories to tell.

On the other hand, some do think I look dumb, absent-minded and yet – when spoken with – turn out to be a person who knows way too much. And many people are not comfortable with that… To set the records straight, I do not eat people for starters, main course or dessert. I just leave them be, especially if they don’t bother me, haha. When they start bothering me, that is the time when my mind would cull everything worth reckoning about the persons.

I don’t gossip, never been my way. Whatever I think about a person just stays inside, I guess. It is only when I need to write about an idea, an event or a person that my mind works like an efficient abacus set to task. And, when it comes to writing, the snotty part of me enters the scene. One has to be really exceptional or must have done a very commendable act or been through a rather tight situation to make it through my page. I don’t know… ^_^


If it were my relatives or friends or people that I have worked with that you’re going to ask, they would tell you different. Hardworking, sensible, literary and thoughtful are some of the adjectives I have heard them use to describe this blogger. I am capable of hard work, yes. Despite being a feeler, there is that rational side of me that often takes over in tight situations, uncannily. I could also be thoughtful despite the appearances to the contrary, haha.

But the literary? I ponder on that one, yes. Despite having done writing for sometime already, I rarely get the chance to sound anything like literary. Most of the things I have written about are called discussion papers, position papers and comparative studies. There are letters, too – requests and replies. Sometimes, I get the chance to put in a little Lit on the titles, subtitles and captions, haha. Otherwise, most of them sound straight business and are dry and impersonal. Except the politician’s speeches, that is when I get to make use of verbs and adjectives that sound a bit, errr,  on the literary side. Otherwise, nada.


One of the reasons I ventured into blogging is to have a venue to exercise my personal writing skill. It’s not that those writings I mentioned are not writings – they are. But I wanted to know how I would sound in writings that are not commissioned or required by work or asked by certain people. I wanted a chance to  speak my own views, incorporating the things I have read (there is plenty of Literature there) and to test my voice before a public that is all my own.

So, when these people above came over to my About page and clicked on the Like button, I feel vindicated somehow. Connected. Linked in, with fellows who also want to convey something personal yet deserving of an audience as large as the world wide web.  They write with their pens and their brains and their hearts. By the way, did I say that they are awesome? They are. 😉