Of Lemons and Lessons


Life deals us lemons and we go around

proclaiming – we have learned our lessons.

Every hour of the day asks us, to use reason

We respond ably – deciding with our emotions.


Image of flowers on a vase kept fresh by sliced lemons

Lemons keep the blooms fresh/ billyheromans.wordpress.com










We say, we each have compassion

That our instincts – no longer hold us in prison

That from time to time, we think of the common

That we’re able to keep at bay – those inner demons.


We keep trying – though it’s no longer the fashion

We keep hoping, we’ll wake early to witness the dawn

We bid the sun – to always serve the pretty morns

We cross our fingers, one day we’ll catch the bull by its horns.


Image of a person catching a bull by its horns

Hoping and trying to get things right/ onemomsbattle.com