Kiss me in September


Remember the song, “I’ll see you in September, when summer is gone?” Alas, September on the Eastern side, in these parts, is no summer. It’s no time for meet-ups and no angels from the heaven above make their presence felt in this season. It rains most nights and some parts of the days, even. It’s typhoon time in the Philippines, folks… Yes, that means a lot of waiting (for the rain to stop, mostly), plenty of opportunities for reminiscing good times and hoping, allegorically, for a magical spell. Whoopee!


larawan ng isang ibong umaawit ng pag-ibig

But the jay never fails to sing out love loud enough/

So, does love pop out of the window sill like a happy, singing jay, do you meet it in the open tracks or does it single itself out – a cheerful face in the faceless, rolling crowd? Does it announce its presence, by a different tune perhaps? Does it bother to knock or simply crashes its way through and asks to be allowed – to spend the night? Does it croon or swoon or happily declares “Here, now is your boon?” Come now – consider  for a moment – ponder the question, “Does love come in the solstice of summer, why ever not in June?”


For sunny mornings and rainy afternoons, there will be love waiting in September – after the good times and caring to remember – not to fall for another, never. For there are promises to keep, long days ahead to sweep, and a pledge of forever in wait. The love songs wafting in the air makes one’s heart skip a beat, the gentle wind has a message and the heart longs to give… 😉


larawan ng dalampasigan ng Boracay sa Pilipinas

It is a toss between taking a dip and resting on the shoreline to admire the endless, almost seamless blue/