And time yet for a hundred indecisions


“And for a hundred visions and revisions,

Before the taking of a toast and tea.”


T.S. Eliot is one of my favorite poets. Excerpt above is from his three-page poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, a piece that sent my brain cells working 17 years ago. And while am still in the subject of name-dropping (yes), let me mention another blogger I’ve been following avidly. True enough, I always forget something whenever I make a list. Anyway, if Eliot worked as a bank clerk for years to be able to set press to his verses, this blogger waits on restaurant customers year in and year out to be able to write.

myparentsarecrazierthanyours – According to MPACTY, her favorite topic is her dysfunctional domestic life. Her writings are pointed, graceful and moving as she tackles the subject of being unaccomplished in the modern times. Here, lives of quiet desperation are articulated in angry yet hopeful and lyrical prose.

Here are Renx’s questions and my corresponding answers:


1. If you could invite 5 famous dead people to  dinner, who would you choose ?

A: Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, John Maynard Keynes, Dorthy Parker and Mother Teresa.

2. In a few sentences, give the reason why you’ve chosen  each guest.


Albert Einstein – So I could ask him questions about science I was shy to ask my teachers and wouldn’t it be cool to have him around?

Michael Jackson – Am a big fan of his music.

J.M. Keynes – I’ll ask him if bank bail-outs is really the way to go to keep the world economy afloat  plus, my friends who took graduate studies in Economics would be thrilled, haha. 

Dorthy Parker –  Someone has to keep the conversation interesting, I guess.

Mother Teresa – I think the occasion calls for the presence of a person with gentle spirit.

3. Would you consider marrying a person whose religion is  fundamentally different from yours?  Give a reason why you would or wouldn’t.

A: I would, if he really loves me and I am terribly in love with him. 

4. Do you have a fetish ? If Yes, what is it?

A: None that am aware of. None yet.

5. Which trait do you consider more important to you, intelligence or stunning physical appearance? (I think I know the answer to this….. this is the great divide between the sexes)

A: Intelligence, because I have found out that am usually stunned by physical appearance only for a while. ^^

6. Let’s say you’re married with 2 young children, but then you fall madly in love ( and it’s mutual ) with another person……. would you consider divorcing your spouse to be with this person?

A: If I married this person, it means I’ve sworn to live with him through thick and thin and committed to stick it out no matter the roughs. However, since you say I’ve fallen madly in love with this other person therefore, I must have fallen less in love with the first. In which case, I might consider the proposition. But in the end, I’ll probably stick with my original object of affection, haha. ^^

7.  Coffee or tea?  Coke or Pepsi? Left handed or right handed?

A: Coffee, the reference to tea and toast above notwithstanding. Pepsi, but stores and restaurants usually carry Coke so it has become Coke by availability. Right-handed, but usually fascinated or even awed, by left-handed persons I meet.

8. Do you believe in death penalty?

A: Death penalty as a deterrent of crimes? No. Ideally, I do not believe that the state must have the power to exact retribution by way of systematic killing of erring individuals. However, this is not absolute. Sometimes, when I hear of really atrocious crimes committed, I still find myself saying privately that the perpetrator should be put away or made to pay in a terrible manner. ^^ 

9. Your loved one cheated on you. You still love him /her, and she/he wants to come back to you, would you take her/him back?

A: I think I would. Knowing me, probably I would.

10. Would you get attracted to a person of different race and color?  Why or why not?

A: Yes, why not? 

11. Which one do you believe in? Evolution or Creationism? Kindly state your reason in as few sentences as possible.

A: I tend towards the evolutionary explanation. I am not sure if such tendency can be considered at the level of belief. ^^


Here are my questions for tagged fellow bloggers. Of course, I’ll be visiting your sites more often than before if you bother to answer these questions, lols! 🙂


1. Describe that one classmate from high school that you cannot forget.

2. What is your least liked task at home/in the house. Why?

3. Would you rather take care of plants or animals (pets)? Why?

4. What is that song that you remember because it has been your mother’s or father’s favorite?

5. What was the last movie that really let you down? Why?

6. Which part of your body you always say could use change or improvement but never got around to (doing)?

7. What is that one trick/joke/antic that your friends constantly pull on you? What is your usual reaction?

8. When your family members tease you, what is it usually about? How do you get back? ^^

9. Are you a person of strong political opinions? Why or why not?

10. Creativity or popularity? What are your chances of achieving it in the next five(5) years (in a scale of 1 to 10). State your reason in maximum of five sentences.

11. Which do you think is promoted more by blogging – alignment of people with similar interests or tolerance among people with varying lives, opinions and beliefs? Why?


Kindly link your answers to the questions back to this site through the comment section. Thank you all very much. Cheers!   🙂