Belt ahoy! Singing and the Filipinos


Long before Charice mesmerized Oprah Winfrey, long before Arnel Pineda finally ended Journey’s decade-long search for a vocalist and long before Lea Salonga became the toast of London’s West End, Filipinos have been battling it out with the microphones. Singing is just so part of the Filipino culture as eating rice, true.


kartong larawan ng isang lalaking kumakanta sa videoke

Singing over a few bottles of beer with friends is believed capable of  driving away the Filipinos problems/

The row of videoke houses in any commercial hub in the country is a dead give-away to this peculiar Filipino inclination and tradition, haha. So are the pondahans (one-stop shop and soda corner store) with a small battered tv set and an overly-used mic in the most remote of villages. And of course, tens of thousand households own videoke sets or Magic Sing units, mind…


With us, there is singing here and there is singing there. There is singing at day time and certainly, there is more singing at night. Come hell or high water, we, Filipinos,  sing our way through and out of – troubles, predicaments and for sure, glories – unexpected or long-expected. We sing and belt out our woes and our joys, our trepidation and unspoken feelings and, our failures and our victories. Nah, don’t even bother to ask why… We are just so into it. 😉


With the recent spate of rains, three weeks of  downpour that peaked on August 7, 2012,  the whole metropolis  (Metro Manila) was submerged in water  – waist-deep, chest-deep and roof-deep, depending on the structure’s elevation. After the headcount and the treatment of the wounded, after securing dry places, clothes and spaces to move around and, after making sure people have something to eat – folks in the community immediately set up videoke sets in the midst of the chaos, no kidding. The singing begins, haha. 🙂


larawan ng binahang Metro Manila noong ika-7 ng Agosto, 2012

Habagat or a monsoon submerged the metropolis in floodwater on August 7, 2012/


Our folks are like that, more or less. The cleaning and the inventory of the appliances and stuffs could likely wait. The replacement of losses, the sorting and rearranging of physical space and life anew could likewise wait, the expression of wet feelings and suspended emotions could not. Would not. Why not? Typhoons of varying strengths and earthquakes of different degrees have shaken us time and again, year in and year out, bad year and good year. So, why not sit and belt things out for a while?


larawan ng isang Magic Sing set

Magic Sing console is actually a portable karaoke set originally produced in Korea/

Songs of love, confusion, misery and undying hope quickly and without ado float in the air. Minds are instantly calmed and bleeding hearts are almost miraculously healed – until the problem of procuring rice for the next meal pops up. Others may frown at this poker-faced attitude, this fatalism and seeming unconcern for the future of the Filipinos. But what the hey, music apparently has a way of making things a bit more bearable, miseries a little less so and the task of beginning again, surmountable and less daunting.


I suppose that for us, unkind situations are often and usually, dealt with through barking, haha, copious amount of noise and certainly, melodies. And sometimes, when we’re lucky, we do manage to strike some harmony… ^^


I am under the impression that many Filipinos believe that singing is covered by the Constitution under the Bill of Rights provision on the freedom of expression – regardless of the singer’s tune and tempo and the sound volume, lol. 😉  Videoke galore in the neighborhood? That is something I have lived with – albeit my stiff self – sung with and enjoyed listening to, through the years…


Here is my list of songs commonly sung in the karaoke and videoke houses in the Philippines. Around here, videoke singing is carried on with much aplomb, hurting the ears of the unfamiliar and the unsuspecting. But what to do, eh? 😉


By the way, the list follows no particular order but the first two are sure top notch, haha. Among us, it is the adult males who commonly engage in videoke singing, after a hard day’s work. The often loud and rowdy activity is meant for relaxation and yes, all for the love of rock ballads – noisy, passionate and soulful. In the villages, songs of  Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow are still very much patronized…
larawan ng mga kalalakihang nagbi-videoke

It is said that if a person gets in the way of a Filipino and his microphone, he is inviting trouble/


For the really young ones, of course,  there is Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and the Filipina belter, Sarah Geronimo. With the people in their  30s, it is songs by Alanis Morisette, the Cranberries and the local bands of the 90s, Eraserheads and Yano. Recently, Adele’s hits are rather popular.

larawan ng isang paskil na nag-aanunsyo ng pangalan ng kainan at kantahan

Roadside eateries and hole-in-the- wall restaurants in the Phils often offer videoke singing/


For the people in their 40s, there are lots of songs by Jewel, some Mariah Carey and a few Debbie Gibson hits, ahaha. Throw in also a good number of  Fra Lippo Lippi, Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode songs. For those in their 50s, Killing Me Softly is a staple song in videoke sessions, haha, and several Broadway hits.


For the older ones, 60s and above, their song list has plenty of kundimans (local ballads), Frank Sinatra, The Platters and Nat King Cole, yes.


I suppose, with the exception of Lea Salonga who had formal voice lessons and recitals early on in her career, most of our singers rose to national (and international) stardom via community amateur singing contests during town fiesta celebrations. Around here, amateur singing is a famous form of socialization and well-participated in, by the young and the old – always.


larawan ng mang-aawit na si Lea salonga

Lea was given the Olivier and the Tony awards for her performance in the musical, Miss Saigon. She also sang in the soundtrack of Disney’s Aladdin and Mulan/


With the advent of talent searches and reality shows in the recent years, individual and group singing have been given more boosts. In fact, I wonder if sales of microphones in the country have ever experienced a plunge. Maybe not…  Singing may as well be a dose of medicine for the Pinoy’s ills, an escape  from the everyday tedium and poverty for most and, a chance to show the world that the Filipinos can – appreciate good music, sing to our heart’s content and belt it out, necessary or no. 😉


39 comments on “Belt ahoy! Singing and the Filipinos

  1. chilledhoney says:

    I love singing! (And yeah, its a Basic Human Right hihihi, The Freedom of Expression!).

    Its a form of release, maybe that’s the reason why Filipinos, despite poverty and the series of natural and man-made disasters, sing …. as in singing in the rain… humming during and after relief operations, belting out whitney and journey’s songs during special days – birthdays, anniversaries, thanksgivings and yes, even during wakes…..

    The VIDEOKE NATION cant live without music.

    All events should be concluded with a videoke session that will make the rooster stop sounding his early morning vocal practice… because nobody slept….:)

    My siblings can all sing (in tune I suppose hihihi). We can also play instruments. No formal schooling. Just by observing and by listening and by playing around. If you are immersed in a community that even during brown outs, you would hear people strumming the guitar and humming familiar songs, that as you lie in bed, you will find yourself singing along….

    My mom can sing but she cant hit tunes hihihi… but she was and is a very good badminton player. Her excuse is that her athletic skills are what were genetically transferred to us (hihihi…no objections or we wouldn’t have meals when we go home ^_^). Her favorite piece is always “closer you and I. ok let us let her be.

    My dad is a superb singer. Part of a chorale in High School and had finished his college via a scholarship for the University Chorale. He has joined competitions here and abroad together with the group. I sometimes envy him and his voice. Now you know from whom me and my siblings inherited the love for music? :). We are not competitive singers but give us that mic and we will rock your world hihihi!

    My angels and their cousins can also sing very well… they manifested such skill as soon as they can say the world “mama”. Ok, they got it from grand dad and not for me. :)… no objection your Honor!

    Our family is an example of a typical singing Filipino family. We don’t compete. We just enjoy singing. If the neighbor is already complaining, we put out one more mic and ask the neighbor to sing with us hihhii… and most of the time, he will gladly oblige, over merienda… It doesn’t matter anymore who gets the highest or the lowest videoke score. What matters most is that we enjoyed listening to each other. Its a bonding moment to treasure.

    When I feel so depressed, I just set up the magic sing and start singing my heart out. In tune or not, I like the way music calms me down and how I can express my complaints, my hurt, my pain, my happiness through straining my vocal chords hihihi.,…therapeutic exercise for me 🙂

    I love friends who may not hit the tune but have the guts to perform, live, in front of an audience , during videoke sessions… Hey, accept it or not, they give the humor that the gathering needs, especially when they, themselves, are also having fun! Contagious!!!

    Hey! This is already maximizing my comment space again hihi…. Missed you 35andup! Tsuri for the lengthy comment again.. I love the topic…hihihi Kill Me! 🙂

    • eh, why would i kill you? just because you wrote a long and a much better post about videoke? ahaha. now, killing you would be a shame… 😉

      yes, that’s the term, Videoke Nation – ours is… and i particularly appreciate your insight about the topic. videoke singing is not just about singing but provides release, humor and plain good time for people, whether they sing well or badly, lol…^^

      maybe because living in the Philippines is hard (comparably speaking) and everyday is a challenge. singing before the family, friends and acquaintances does give one good feeling and camaraderie, simple and fun.

      i thank you for your comment and post, haha. as i said, yours is better, naman. btw, whenever i sing at videoke sessions, my grade ranges from 64 to 73, really low! i mean, i got higher grades in Algebra, dang… hi, Honey! 🙂

      • chilledhoney says:

        Naku Sis, I disagree… Your post captured my attention and triggered my mind, therefore, it’s a superb piece of writing! hihihi Mine wont be a better post coz “the original is always the best” hahahahah…gaya gaya lang ako hihihi

        I am proud of us,Filipinos, being better speakers and better singers… As compared to our friends from our Asian neighbors…

        Well, most internationally released songs are in English so it is to our advantage that even people in the streets can speak the language..

        We can speak and understand English… never mind how it is enunciated or pronounced, that depends on what region of the Philippines you come from hihihi…

        One of our recent Taiwanese visitors said, “I love the Philippines, everybody, even the Janitor speak English!” …syempre naman!!!! (Si Manong Jani (short fo Janitor) nga tumitira ng My Way sa Videoke at nakakakuha ng 95% na grade eh!)

        Yes, singing, whether accompanied (by instruments or by the videoke machine) or unaccompanied (like when just singing inside the bathroom) gives us a sense of release, a feeling of lightened burden…. because singing is truly an expression of the the soul…

        Hihihi… I will help you in that area, you want a higher grade? I will disable the automatic scoring feature and write the score on a sheet of paper instead… Is 100% ok with you? hihihi

        Hi Sis!!!! Mwah!!!

      • hala, something was triggered, eh? must be the way you lure your neighbors into singing as well. 😉

        well, yes, we do speak better English and sing more often (in English, too) than other Asians. haha, we are more colonial than we’d like to believe and to project, haha. it isn’t like the Americans were here for only 50 years, lol.

        ah, yes, that is very noticeable – the janitors, the bus conductors and the jeepney barkers can communicate in English. you go to HK, be in 10 places and not one person will speak to you in English. even in Thailand, be in 10 places and you’re lucky if there’d be three who can talk with you in English. also in Korea, haha. they say the reason why Koreans come here in droves is to learn English – cheaper than if they do so in the U.S.

        ayon nga, we sing our way through and out of trouble, a therapy. again, cheaper, haha.

        yes, gusto ko ‘yon, i-disable ang scoring feature, please… 😉 btw, my grades are low not because my tune is bad. likely, it’s because of tempo(slow) and (lack of) voice power. apparently, the Magic Sing favors loud rendition. probably, the manufacturers tailored fit the instrument for the Filipino kind of singing, lol. 😉 mwah!

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  3. nadia says:

    “…many Filipinos believe that singing is covered by the Constitution under the Bill of Rights provision on the freedom of expression – regardless of the singer’s tune and tempo and the sound volume..” Ay, hindi pala? 😦

    Music is a nice way to relax and calm the mind, so understand why most Filipinos resort to music and singing as a therapeutic medium.

    Also, “My Way” appears to be the national anthem of middle-aged men who gather together for beers every evening. And most of them feel that screaming it off (as opposed to singing it) is the correct way to render the song. They are so lost in their singing activity that the poor bikini-clad models in the music videos go unnoticed.

    • hello, Nadia… am afraid it isn’t. but now that you mentioned it, am gonna go and recheck, ahaha. 😉

      so, Filipinos must have saved a lot already on shrinks’ bills, huh? a noisy kind of therapy and does not involve lying down on a couch, hehe. ^^

      My Way is the pa-macho effect of Filipinos trying hard to say that they rule the roost, haha. and yes, they have to scream it loud enough to convince anybody, hehe. My Way appears to be the song of a man saying he has no more regrets. but I have heard men in their 30s singing the song as though they’re already in their sunset years, haha. ^^

      and speaking of bikini-clad women in the videos, when the first videoke sets came out, they all featured those. later on, they dressed them up – manufacturers must have noticed that men’s attention (as you said) are focused on screaming “their ways.” Magic sing chips nowadays have the country’s landscapes as backgrounds, whehe. ^^

      hala, miss you, Nadia… hope things are in top shape. 🙂

  4. I agree with chilled honey – this is a superb piece of writing and a glimpse into your culture that I thoroughly enjoyed. I love to sing myself but have a voice only our youngest son ever seemed to appreciate (at bedtime when he was very small). So I tend to limit it to singing along with the radio when I’m alone in the car. It’s a shame most Americans seem too uptight to sing (except in some churches). It might make us kinder to each other.

    • hello, Tori. 🙂 why, thank you… yes, Filipinos do sing way above and beyond the legal and allowable limits, haha. on Saturday afternoons, for example, you’ve just finished cleaning and washing and you would want to lay down a bit to rest – you can’t! neighbors would be singing full volume using three mics. good luck with your nap, lol.

      you come over here sometimes, you’d know that the article above is an understatement of the Filipino sing-along tradition… many artists and singers of international fame come over here as often as they can. it isn’t just because people pay to go listen to their concerts, no. it is because Filipinos sing along with the artists during concerts. especially with the hit songs?

      yes, it amazes the musicians/artists,leaves them flabbergasted, haha. ask david forster, he was beside himself upon learning that – here’s a bunch of people who know all – ALL – of his hit compositions, haha. ^^

      less singing there? now, that’s a shame …^^ yeesss, somehow singing together makes people more tolerant, if not kinder… hey, do practice more and often, just sing your way through and out of it. get a Filipino acquaintance, s/he has a Magic Sing unit – sent all the way from the Phils. 😉 🙂

  5. Umula’t bumagyo, kanta pa rin. Batuhin man ng kapitbahay, sige pa rin. 🙂

  6. Masarap kumanta sa Pinas kasi mahaba naman ang pasensiya ng mga Pinoy sa mga videoke-han…may instant audience pa…isang kasayahan walang personalan. Isang outlet ika nga ng mga problema at pagod sa maghapong paghahanapbuhay ng mga Pinoy ito. Konting beer…konting kanta ay ayos na…masaya. Hayy biglang namiss ko ang VIP room para dun sa mga mahiyaing singer…ummm yun ang pagkakaalam ko lang. Isang pampasaya rin ang may scoring pa after ng kanta…hayyy ang sarapp ng kantyawan. Musta na lang San….kanta-kanta at kaway-kaway.

    • Hello, Lolo…. sa wakas ay nag-comment ang taga-San Francisco, haha. 😉
      amen po sa mga sinabi ninyo, as in… ayon naman, nami-miss ang VIP rooms na videoke. btw, wala ho ryang mga gano’n? kumusta po kayo? 🙂

      • Ok lang po dito Mam. Haha eh pwede pala ang di english na komento kaya eto nagparamdam ang taga SF. Ang mahirap kasi dito ay di pwede ang nakainom mag drive kaya ayun sa mga bahay-bahay na lang gumagawa ng videokehan…eh alam mo naman di pwede kantahan lang…siguradong may inuman kapag may kantahan. Meron man siguro eh masakit na rin sa bulsa…hehe. Musta rin.

      • mam kayo ryan! hala pa, dati pang marami ritong nagko-comment in Tagalog, as in. suplado lang talaga kayo, ahaha. 😉

        oho nga, ‘no? isrikto sila dyan sa panghuhuli ng drunk drivers, may pan-test pa ng breath, shaks lang. e, dito sa ‘tin, nakakanta at naka-inom na, magmo-motorsiklo pa with backride, patatawarin… ^^

        ah, di nakakapag-videoke rin naman pala kayo sa mga sari-sariling bahay? dalasan nyo kaya, ahaha.
        mabuti ho nang konti, pwede na rin. marami pong intindihin. hope things are better on your side. regards! 😉

      • Haha…di naman suplado kapos lang sa baong inglish kaya di makapagparamdam. Libang nga ako sa iyong kuwentong Thailand. Inggit nga ako sa iyo dahil di ko pa narating ang lugar na iyan.

        Ah tunay ka naman dyan sa drunk driving sa atin. Napapanood ko sa balita. Eh masuwerte lang din ako noong araw dyan at di naman nakabundol ng mga pasaway sa kalye.

        Di rin madalas mag-videoke dahil ang kalaban mo na naman kapag nag-ingay ka sa bahay ay baka mai-report ka ng kapitbahay sa pulis. Alam mo naman dito di sila sanay sa maingay na paligid. Pwede magngangawa dun sa mga Pinoy dito na may malalaking bahay at malayo ang mga kapitbahay. Pero kadalasan dahil sa katahimikan ng paligid ay nakakalusot pa rin ang ingay ng nasa loob ng bahay kaya kapag sumapit na ang mga 10pm ay adjust na lang ang volume ng boses.

        Ahh mabuti rin dito at sa ngayon ay excited naman ang mga tao na i-expect na ang pagpasok ng panahon na naman ng kalamigan. Goodbye t-shirt…welcome jackets na ulit sa darating ng mga linggo…haha. Kaway-kaway…

      • nyeh… sige na nga ho. 😉 sige na kasi binasa nyo ang limang kilometrong wentong Thailand, hehe. punta kayo ro’n, Lo, ang ganda, parang mas magandang Pinas, haha. ^^

        hmm, mukha kaya kayong careful na driver? feeling ko lang… 😉

        oho, alam ko ang mga Pinoy dyaan, bitbit ang kagawiang Pinoy lalo pa ang salu-salo at inum-inom together with matching kantahan, ahaha. lalo pa raw pag may laban si Pacquiao – they watch together on a kababayan’s house – potluck.

        ‘yon nga lang ho, sa pagkaalam ko, swertihan din if di mareklamo ang neighbors. pag di tolerant sa ingay ng mga Pinoy ang kapitbahay, nakow, cops may come in. may nag-report, haha…

        kaway-kaway, Lo… hope things are swinging splendid. 😉

      • Ah tama ka marami na akong narinig at nakita tungkol sa Thailand kaya kasama iyan sa bucket list ko(depende lang sa pocket…hehe).

        Maganda naman ang record ko sa Pinas sa driving. Maingat naman…Pero dito ay nasampolan ako dahil di ko nabinitawan agad ang ugaling Pinas… kaya ayun behave na ko. Parang movie lang…”License and registration please.” Di nakuha sa kamot sa ulo…hehe.

        Tama ka reunion dito kapag may Pacquiao….kaya yun ang problema kapag walang laban walang piyestahan. At oo ganun nga potluck ang beer at pulutan.

        Kaya ang isang mababait na kapitbahay dito ay mga Meksikano dahit pareho lang tayo ng pagsasaya sa buhay.

        Salamat and have a restful weekend.

      • sige ho, punta kayo sa Thailand, the sooner, the better. aliw naman, nahuli na pala kayo sa driving violation dyaan. nagbayad ho kayo ng fine? :c

        ahaha, ang mga Pinoy pag may laban si Pacquiao, di magkamayaw, naman… ^^

        hala, ay hawig nga ho natin ang Mexicans, pareho raw ho tayong mahilig sa happenings and malakas ang Spanish influence sa habits and pamumuhay, sabi…^^

        i went out of town, Lo. pasensya na ho di agad nakaka-reply. hope things are okey dyan sa inyo… regards! 😉

      • Uy out of town…bakasyon ba?

        ah oo nag donate ako sa gobyerno( ikatlong bahagi ng isang pamasahe ay sa Pinas)…hehe.

        Masayahin nga sanay sa piyesta ang mga MeksiKano, mabait, masipag, at matapang din sila…parang Noypi.

        Oks lang po dito, Salamat at musta na rin dyan.

      • weekend get-away lang ho… ahaha, na-fine ang law avoiding citizen, hehe…

        saka, gwapo ho ang Mexicans, haha. hot daw silang mga tao. err, sexy pala. senga ho?

        naku, maproblema ho. anyway, hope your situation’s better. thanks, Lolo.. regards 😉

      • Ah korek ka San…guwapo at guwapita sila…iba ang ganda nila kumpara sa mga kano.

        Yes mabuti naman…salamat at musta rin.

  7. You wouldn’t believe me but I sang almost every song on that videoke song list. No kiddin. 😀

    • errr, i believe you, dear… you see, am kinda old, I’ve come across several improbable possibilities, haha. ^^ just joking… btw, most of those songs are fun to sing/belt out, at videokes… only No Woman, No Cry seems difficult to pull, hehe.

      hi, Alla. hope things are in tip-top shape… 😉

  8. Sounds great over there in the Philippines! Maybe a bit more singing would do us Brits some good – only trouble is I can’t sing a note. I failed the audition to join my junior school choir. Good Luck to you all!

    • Hello, Ms. Jenkins… thank you very much for swinging by and reading… oh, yes, we, Filipinos do sing a lot and British people can follow this trait of ours and relax a bit, eh? btw, i sing badly myself but i sing just the same. so can you, ahaha… cheers 🙂

  9. munchow says:

    Fun to learn more about Filipino singing culture – or microphone culture…

  10. sorrygnat says:

    Lovely writing dear one

  11. bagotilyo says:

    Sabi kasi nila ang writing parang singing daw : We do it to express not to impress.. Pero diba sana mas ok kung both??

    Bat kya alam ko lahat ng mga list of songs na binigay mo.

    Dont get me wrong hindi ako videoke adik.


    I like the thought that singing is covered by the Constitution under the Bill of Rights provision on the freedom of expression . Swak na swak sa “Sing”tunadong katulad ko..haha

    • hello, bagotilyo…. oo, naman. korek, kapatid…

      ah, eh, kasi, hindi ka mahilig mag-videoke? tama ba? 😉 hindi naman addiction siguro. habitual na gawain lang. pwede naman yown… ^^ whaha

      hala, narinig ko ang posted vids mo – maalam ka kayang kumanta? pag nagkita tayo at nag-videoke, ikaw ang taga-kanta, ako ang taga-palakpak 😉

  12. batopik says:

    Oo nga, basta may hawak na gitara o mikropono, wala nang lungkut-lungkutan blues. Hakhak. Paborito kantahin ng mga kaibigan ko yung total eclipse of the heart, nakikisawsaw lang ako sa second voice yung ‘turn around’ hakhak.

  13. I am delighted at having read this post friend!

    What amuses me the most is the universal flair for singing that your fellow citizens seem to have. You have also very movingly described the way music is the necessary Philippino ingredient in the recipe of life. The walk through the popular playlists of all age groups and of the popular videokes is revealing too of the taste of a nation when it comes to voice and tune. Leaves me wondering about the listeners. What is is to be a listener in the midst of so much singing? Who makes for a good listener? And how do the singing enthusiasts react at knowing if someone is not interested in music? This post makes me think of writing a post about the kind of music I have seen my countrymen growing up to! Should post it soon.

    Thanks a tonne for the reference to this endearing post on your blog. I realise I have missed out on a lot of stuff here!

    Cheers and warm Regards!

    • why, thank you, PC… am glad. 🙂

      ay, you can’t take away singing from the Filipinos, here or abroad. it runs in our (Filipinos) veins…. btw, didn’t you notice – most songs in the list are American billboard top notches? ahaha. our culture here is too Americanized. the Americans stayed here only 50 years and yet, Filipinos imbibed their tastes like they were here for 500, lol.

      to be a listener? oh, it’s fun – you get to people-watch, you laugh for the out-of-tune renditions and you get to eat the pulutan (side dish that is served with beers). you also get to operate the Magic Sing that is, queue-ing the song list and selecting songs from a music book (like an album) to be sung by the selected singer/s for the night… from time to time, there is group singing – everybody sings the popular songs, haha.

      you listen, nod your head and clap and shout – that’s how we do videoke singing over here, ahaha. usually, there are VIP rooms for restaurants or beer joints, which people pay by the hour – sound-proof and the atmosphere is private. there are also beer gardens with plenty of kiosks, each kiosk is like a private room – with its own set of videoke, table and chairs for six and a designated waiter, to serve the guests exclusively.

      still, most videokes are on the roadside – it’s a free for all. you insert a coin, you are given a mic and you sing, pronto! no one is allowed to complain about the noise or bad tune. if you disagree or do not want to listen, go away! no arguments are allowed, haha. if videoke singing is in one’s own house, neighbors can hardly complain. they may -may- request, the singers to lower the volume or lessen the noise of the revelry. still, one does that at his own risk, hehe. it’s a possible road to perdition, lol (they may badmouth you, hehe).

      really glad you appreciated the post and our singing ways. kind regards, too! ~ San

      • wow…thats a fascinating account of such a pervasive feature of life in your country. Great reading this post and the lovely warm comment!
        Will be headed to read more of your posts on these and related matters. American influence does not seem to be any less pronounced here in India as well. Gradually I feel Indians too are headed that way. The cold formal British ways are giving way to the cool easy American. There is a small difference though. In India the lifestyle question still remains largely a diffused one. There are for instance huge contrasts to be seen in terms of rural/ urban regions, north/south/east/west zones and then there is an important dimension of religion that goes a long way in deflating the homogenous force that the American wave otherwise might have exerted on the Indian mind! See you soon!


      • hello, PC… am glad you found our ways interesting, ahaha. how do i put it? here, the elites conform to the cultures of the elites in other countries – fashion, tastes in music and entertainments… the rest, more or less, follows the popular tastes of the Hollywood icons and what they read on the magazines and hear on radios…inequality is so pronounced here, as things seem to be in India.

        and yes, there is a glaring gap in the quality of lives of people in the remote areas and the city folks. i discuss these observations in my Tagalog sites (which I have so little time for, these days). yes, there are developmental issues and blocks that are worth reckoning as a country formerly colonized and as a country whose civilization is younger and technologically behind, still, compared to Phils’ Western counterpart. some such…

        the culture issue is something to be looked at, especially with the pervasiveness of the Western pitch that the individual can be self-actualized pronto as your popular Hollywood icon, ahaha. i mean, it’s not just our tastes in music that is Americanized but also our psyche, ahaha, but we lack the long history to back up our bellowing and the social infrastructures that would allow the blossoming of our individual talents and the cultural flourish, so to speak… ^^

        ah, this is a long topic, my friend. i hope you’d write that promised post of yours, soon. many thanks, regards… 🙂

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