Of Lemons and Lessons


Life deals us lemons and we go around

proclaiming – we have learned our lessons.

Every hour of the day asks us, to use reason

We respond ably – deciding with our emotions.


Image of flowers on a vase kept fresh by sliced lemons

Lemons keep the blooms fresh/ billyheromans.wordpress.com










We say, we each have compassion

That our instincts – no longer hold us in prison

That from time to time, we think of the common

That we’re able to keep at bay – those inner demons.


We keep trying – though it’s no longer the fashion

We keep hoping, we’ll wake early to witness the dawn

We bid the sun – to always serve the pretty morns

We cross our fingers, one day we’ll catch the bull by its horns.


Image of a person catching a bull by its horns

Hoping and trying to get things right/ onemomsbattle.com










6 comments on “Of Lemons and Lessons

  1. renxkyoko says:

    As the cliche goes, when life hands us lemons, make a delicious lemonade, and make it pink, please,

  2. Yes let’s make the lemonade, then add some tequila and toast to one more day without getting gored by the bull.

  3. munchow says:

    Lemons aren’t all that bad, if only treated the right way as the previous comments suggest. But, yes, you words makes me reflect upon how we look at the world and ourselves. Too often we fool ourselves and hide behind ideas that doesn’t say anything about our lives.

    • “Too often we fool ourselves and hide behind ideas that doesn’t say anything about our lives.” πŸ™‚ hello, sir Otto… sometimes i do wonder how much of our own lies and fabrication we believe… ^_^

      thank you for reading and reading through my post. your visits gladden. πŸ™‚

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